IPhone version of the standard Twitter client "TweetDeck" · Android version is canceled development

It is one of widely used applications as Twitter clientTweetDeckDevelopment of the AIR version, Android version, iPhone version was canceled, it was announced that it will be deleted from each app store in the first half of May. In the future, it seems to focus on the web-based version of development resources.

An update on TweetDeck - The TweetDeck Blog

The TweetDeck development team provides Web-based, Chrome App, desktop PC software, Adobe AIR version, Android version, iPhone version, but for the past 18 months I focused on web based version for modern browsers and Chrome App, We have installed functions such as new appearance and usability, autocomplete function at search, search filter, automatic update of Tweet stream. We were able to release the web-based version every week because we have doubled the development team in the last six months, and we continue to add more.

However, TweetDeck AIR, Android version, iPhone versionUses the traditional Twitter API v1.0, which has a transitional deadline of March 5, We decided to stop development without issuing API v1.1 compatible version. We decided to concentrate on Web-based version and Chrome App development resources.

Regarding this, the TweetDeck development team acknowledges "It will not be a satisfactory result for all users" and apologizes and the Web-based version and Chrome App will provide the best "TweetDeck experience" I talked.

For those that have decided to cancel development, they will be removed from the store of applications that are distributed by the first half of May, and the function will also be stopped.

Here is the web based version of TweetDeck.


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