I tried using "Dispatch" which realizes stable high-speed Internet connection by bundling multiple mobile routers and wireless LAN

Software aiming at achieving stable high-speed Internet access by simultaneously accessing multiple lines such as mobile routers and wireless LAN using 3G / 4G lines is "Dispatch"is. Since I purchased the license actually this time, I decided to check the method of dedicated installation and usability etc. In the following procedure, from 964 yen for 3 monthsAgreementIt is a prerequisite to acquire a license in advance.

Connectify Dispatch - The Software Internet Load Balancer

Official siteAccess "LOGIN" by clicking on it.

Enter the email address and password you used at the time of license agreement and click "Log in".

Click "Download Dispatch".

Double click to launch the installer when the download is over.

Click "I Agree".

Installation will proceed automatically with this feeling.

Click "Finish" and restart PC.

Double-click the desktop icon to launch the software.

Click the "Dispatch" tab.

Click "My Account".

Since the browser starts up and the login screen is displayed, please re-enter the mail address and password entered first and click "Log in".

Since an activation screen is displayed, click the icon labeled "Activate Dispatch".

Click "OK".

Return to Dispatch's software and click "Show Dispatch"

The initial screen is as follows.

This time I tried connecting to the internal wireless LAN and mobile router at the same time. In fact, it is actually a way of using two mobile routers on the road to increase the stability of the line, or to use the mobile router and the public wireless LAN line at the same time to access the Internet faster.

It is OK if you see a situation with simultaneous access to two lines with graph like this. There is no need to make particularly difficult settings.

In addition, the results after testing to see how much communication can be stabilized and speeded up will be posted at a later date.

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Measurement review to confirm the power of "Dispatch" realizing stable communication by bundling multiple lines such as 3G / 4G · wireless LAN - GIGAZINE

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