Responsive template "Tokusetsu" that makes it easy to create doujin music CD special site at Tumblr

Without requiring knowledge of HTML, templates for Tumblr will be completed where special website for coterie music CD is completed simply by entering information in the form "Tokusetsu"is.

The header image · jacket image · the presence / absence of social button · background image · font can be customized, the theme color can be switched from 2 kinds of white / black, it is responsive design corresponding to browsing of tablet and smartphone, SoundCloud / You can create any number of fixed pages that can be used for pasting YouTube / Nico Nico videos, you can create any number of fixed pages that can be used for notification pages and ZIP file distribution pages, and the link to the page is automatically added to the header so it is easy to manage, It is a kind design that OGP (Open Graph Protocol) which becomes easy to be shared by SNS has set in advance, it is pretty well done.

Tokusetsu - Doujinshi CD Tumblr template that makes it easy to create special sites

You can see a demonstration page on what kind of page actually is completed from the following.


From the actual installation, the customization procedure etc. are properly arranged on the following page, and it is possible to complete it by chasing in order.

Tumblr / tokusetsu at master · sanographix / tumblr · GitHub

In addition, the official website of Mr. Shu Nano, graphic designer who designed it will be below.


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