Rice-free rice "Canned rice new can" real meal review entered into cans which can be preserved for 5 years for emergency food

A unique product that stuffed new rice into cans of juice sold at vending machines is "Shun rice new can"is. The product realizes a shelf life of about 5 years by filling cans with rice and nitrogen gas, and furthermore by preserving it in a metal can which is superior in strength to a vinyl bag, the risk of being damaged during storage It is said to be able to reduce it. Since I was able to purchase the real thing this time, I decided to eat it by actually cooking it while checking the strength etc. of the package.

Shun rice new can - CTC Corporation

I entered the cardboard box and arrived.


One box contains 8 cans.

When you stack the can vertically it will be quite high.

The feeling held in the hand is the same as the can of general juice. Shaking the can makes a shakershaka sound.

The measured weight is about 316 g.

By the way, Coca Cola's 350 ml can is about 379 grams so "Shin rice new can" is slightly lighter than this.

Simple package design.

Adopt the same pull tab as common can juice.


Uses Kyushu-made rice-free rice.

Rice varieties are "Akihonami" from Kagoshima prefecture. By the way, the rice contained in this can was polished on April 6, 2012.

So let 's try to see how tough it is actually immersed in water or beat with a handkerchief.

Even if it is put in water it is floating properly. Since it was originally a can for putting liquid, the sealability is outstanding.

When you hit it with a Tonkachi, gas that is empty of a small hole appears in a part of the can, but rice never got spilled.

Actually watching cans floating on water or hitting with a handkerchief can be seen in the following movies.

I tried checking the strength of the rice "Shintake rice new can" in a can - YouTube

How to open the can is the same as general juice.


Rice inside is safe even if it is in water.

Contents amount is 300 g, just one large cup of tea.

Contents are very ordinary rice.

Looking up it is like this.

This time we will add another can of rice, we will try to cook a total of 600 grams (about 4 cups).

When put in a rice cooker, it looks like this.

It is not necessary to wash rice so it is not necessary to just add water to the prescribed amount and OK.

Just push the cooking button afterwards.

It cooked in about an hour.

Looking like this when it is served in a cup.

When I tried to eat it actually, it was cooked plumply and there was no smell especially, and it was a delicious cooked sweetness when I firmly chew it.

You can see that there is gloss when looking at nearby.

Rice grain with elasticity that is motivated.

It looks like the comparison with rice from a neighboring shop in the neighborhood is as follows.

When I watch it on the upside, the vegetable shop's rice is like this.

"Shun rice new canYou can see that it is a whitish cookie.

It is also perfectly compatible with lukewarm mushrooms and seaweed's stew.

If there is Umeboshi, further rice goes back.

The sales price at Amazon as of the article creation was 4000 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Shun rice new can (not washed rice) 1 can 300 g (about 2 consecutive) × 8 cans 【free shipping】

By the way, "Shun rice new canWe will sellCTC CorporationIt is said that it was a company which originally had been selling juice and beer production facilities.

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