Trees of famous trees in the world and trees famous for CM Once in a world I want to see big trees and odd trees 16 species

The world's tallest tree, the world's largest tree, the world's oldest tree, the world's thickest tree, 16 kinds of big trees and odd trees of the world "I want to see it to die" are summarized by the advisor.

I want to see it before I die I am worried about the world big trees 16 Okinawa [Bucket List]

◆ 1: Monkey Pod of Oahu Moanaarua Gardens Park
Even if it does not come with a pin in the name of Moanalua Gardens Park, this tree is very famous in Japan. It is a tree appearing in the background of the song (tree of Hitachi) called "tree treating this tree like this tree" in the CM of the Hitachi group, and has been appointed CM since 1984.

Hitachi CM CM "Hitachi no Tane" Complete Works - YouTube

◆ 2: Dragon Blood on Socotra Island
The island of Socotra in Yemen has a unique ecosystem called "the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean". This Dragon Blood tree was named because the tree resin is as bright as blood.

◆ 3: Baobab Highway in Madagascar
On the west coast of Madagascar Island there is a port town called Morondaba, but there is a group of baobabs around it. As it was originally the logging of the tropical rainforest, only the Baobab tree which was the object of the faith remained, it became a sight called "Baobab Highway".

◆ 4: Buddhist temples stretched to cover Ta Proum
The Buddhist temple Ta Pro Rome in the Angkor Wat site remains eroded by the banyan tree. This place is also known as the location of the movie "Tomb Raider".

Other pictures are also posted in the following articles.

It's like a dungeon entrance, a temple ruin eroded by trees and integrated into one "Ta Pro rume"

◆ 5: The biggest big tree in the world "General Sherman"
It is said that the volume is about 1486 cubic meters, which is said to be the biggest big tree in the world, "General shaman (general of shaman)" of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, California. The name is the general during the Civil WarWilliam ShamanIt is derived fromGeneral Grant"General Grant (General of Grant Tree)" originated in the World War II, which was discussed in the world.

◆ 6: Sequoia's highest in the world "Hyperion"
The Redwood National and State Park seems to have the top 3 in addition to the world 's highest Sequoia' Hyperion 'with a height of 115 m. "Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi" is also a location location of "Battle of Endo" where Ewok and others gathered the Imperial troops to the forest and fought against guerrillas.

◆ 7: Avenue of Giant that can pass between the tree trunks in the car (Street Big)
When you go south from Redwood National and State Park, there is Avenue of Giant, which you can enjoy big trees while driving. There is also a tunnel made out of tree trunks here.

◆ 8: The oldest tree in the world "Metosela"
The "three big trees" in the western part of the United States is the 5th general shaman (the world's largest), the 6th Huperion (the world's best), and this metsela (the oldest in the world). The White Mountain in eastern California has Bristol cone pine forest which is the longest tree in the world and the oldest one among them is Methusela. It is said that the age will be as long as 5000 years.

◆ 9: Bunyan Tree at Court House
Old Lahaina Court House in Maui is a courthouse / customs building built in 1859. Before that, the Banyan tree planted in 1873 is spreading its branches. This courthouse still holds the office of the court.

◆ 10: The world's thickest "Toure trees"
Oaxaca in the southern part of Mexico stands a gigantic tree of the Cryptomeridae family with a trunk circumference of more than 35 m. It is said that the age is from 1200 to 2000 and it is called the "tree of Toure" in the local area.

◆ 11: Angel Oak tree (angel's oak tree)
The oak tree in Johns Island, South Carolina has a tree age over 1500 years, branches spread from the trunk in all directions, making it feel like a fantasy world.

◆ 12: higher cactus than wood
Sawaro cactus seen in Sawaros of the Arizona State Park. The high one is over 20 meters and heads above the tree, and it seems that hundreds of liters of water can be stored in the body.

◆ 13: Rubber wood forming a natural suspension bridge
There is a rubber tree which is a natural suspension bridge in Cherapunji, northeastern India. This suspension bridge is doubled, and it continues to grow even now.

◆ 14: Plate-like root protrudes sawmasu
It is not just overseas that there are amazing big trees and odd trees. Maximus owls clustered in the wetlands of Iriomote Island can stretch the plate-like roots called "roots" around them.

◆ 15: Rainbow Eucalyptus whose stem color changes
Speaking of eucalyptus, there is an image like a plant in the southern hemisphere from the impression that koalas are eating but the only Rainbow eucalyptus in the northern hemisphere grows on Hawaii Island, Oahu Island, Maui Island, Kauai Island. As its name, the trunk is characterized by green and blue, purple, orange and like a rainbow.

◆ 16: Benishidarezakura with 1000 years of age
In Fukushima Prefecture Miharu Town, Benishidarezakura with more than 1,000 years of age, height of 12 m and root of 11 m (Mitsuni Taki cherry)there is. This cherry tree is in Gifu PrefectureKozakuraIt is called Yokozuna in the east and west, and it is counted as one of Japan's three major cherry trees. The three major cherry trees are located in Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture, in addition to the bamboo cherry treeJinyo-yakiAdded. This is also a wonderful tree of 1800 to 2000 years old.

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