I cleaned my heart with the sacred place of the gods in the back of the jungle of Iriomote Island "Mariyudou Falls & Cambile Falls"

It is located upstream of Okinawa prefecture's largest river / Urauchi river in Iriomote IslandMariyudou FallsIs a waterfall selected as one of the 100 waterfalls in Japan, further upstreamCambri FallsIs known as a sacred place meaning "the seat of God". I went to Iriomote National Park which also inhabits Iriomote cat, in order to visit the sacred place of the gods that are going up the urai river and crossing the jungle.

Waterfall of Mariyoudu · Cambrei

You can go to Iriomotejima by a fast boat from a remote island terminal in the southwestern part of Ishigakijima.

High-speed ship is coming out from Aoshiya sightseeing · Yaeyama sightseeing · Ishigakijima Dream tour company, but when going to the waterfall of Mariyudou · Kanbiri Falls, go to the Urauchi River boarding boat landing boat from the Urauchi River It is recommended to use Ansei sightseeing which offers a free shuttle bus.

There are two kinds of routes to Iriomote Island, Uehara Port and Ohara Port, but I will go to Urahara River from Uehara Port. In addition, when both weather conditions are bad for both of the two routes, there are many cases that cancellation is canceled so when entering Iriomote,This pageIt is recommended to check the flight status with the aircraft.

A high - speed ship arrived at the platform.

The guide pasted with magnets is upside down and the destination is wrong, but I do not mind.

The fare is 2,300 yen per way. If it is a round-trip, it is 4400 yen and it is a little profitable.

I arrived at Uehara Harbor at Iriomotejima in about 40 minutes.

A building with an orange roof that looks ahead is a rest space at the terminal.

Take the free shuttle bus and head for sightseeing the Urauchi River.

I arrived at the Urauchi River cruise boarding area in about 15 minutes.

As I walk along the parking lot ......

A sign saying "For symbiosis with Iriomote cat" appears. In the vicinity of the Urauchi River, it is said that Iriomote's eyes are witnessing very much.

It may be that Iriomote cat is inhabited somewhere in that hill.

Walking further ... ...

I found a signboard called a pleasure boat landing.

Before going down the slope

Colorful canoes were lined up.

This is the estuary close to the sea, where fresh water and sea water mix.

Very peaceful place where the flow is loose, only wild birds cry.

You can buy a ship ticket with a green building that you can see in the back.

It is 1,800 yen to the waterfall of Mariyudou / waterfall of Camberei.

The waiting room is like this.

Ship arrived in a while.

It is time to start.

Departed by a pleasure boat from Iriomotejima / Urauchi River - YouTube

It grows on both sides of the rivermangrove.

Characteristic root seen at low tide.

Adan 's tree. Fruits like pineapple are great foods of coconut crabs.

It is a jungle which I can not imagine very much.

Various plants in the jungle were explained by the captain.

You can see how the mangrove grows in the following movie.

Mangrove that continues to anywhere in Iriomotejima and Urauchi River - YouTube

Mangrove is a generic term for seven kinds of plants such as Hirugiidae and palmaceae. This is ohirgi.

Slightly small mechirugi.

Yaeyama hirugi. It is said that these three types make up the majority of mangroves.

Furthermore, Iriomote Island is the only land in Japan where all mangrove plants inhabit.

I encountered a ship coming home from the upstream on the way.

Fuda plants grow widespread in the middle.

Arrived at the dock at about 30 minutes.

This rock is known as "warship rock".

Several foreign tourists were also visiting.

Trekking from here.

Started from the signboard of the Iriomote National Park / Urauchiagawa Natural Research Road.

There are still roads around here.

Suddenly a resting place. This seems to be prepared for those waiting for ships on the way back.

A signboard of Hanako Yomi was posted.

The paved road is only the beginning. The road followed by a rocky rock continues.

Beyond the babbling of the river ......

Proceed past the plump plants.

The toilet is only in the first half part, so you should add yourself first.

On the way, I found a big tree with a unique roots.

There were paved roads in some places.

A small waterfall and ......

Fern plants with fine leaves.

I have climbed a lot of mountains. This is a scenery of middle stomach.

Root traps here and there. Carefully proceed with your feet.

A small bridge.

Go through a tree that extends horizontally ... ...

I discovered a big tree again. This is Okinawa Vladi Rogashi.

I looked down from the bottom of the root.

Rare wildlife conservation management project A mark on the tour track. Many rare species inhabit this jungle.

A tree that bore two horns.

It is still a small waterfall.

I will cross the stone pavement.

I will pass under the lying tree and go on still.

A wide variety of plants.

As expected it is a jungle.

I walked for about 40 minutes and finally got to the signboard of "Observatory".

It is an observatory if you go up the stairs 30 meters.

Arrived at the observatory!

Here is the waterfall of Mariyudou.

Going ahead of the observation deck ... ...

I could see Mariyudou Falls in the distance.

It seems that 300 meters is far away, but the sound of the waterfall sounds firm.

The mineral water you drink while watching the falls of Mariyudou is the best. After a brief break, we aim at the waterfall "Kanbiri no waterfall" which is visible further behind the Mariyudou waterfall (right picture).

Proceed further from the side of the signboard on the observation deck.

How old is this big tree?

A tree with a tape attached. A marker to keep you on the way home.

Many mysterious trees start to appear from around here.

A small waterfall along the way.

Continue further, "standstill" stand-by beside the road. Before this there is a waterfall of Mariyudou, but access has been prohibited since accident occurred.

I will go further in the direction pointed by the signboard of Kanbili 's waterfall.

Go through the leaning tree ... ...

Signs of rare animals. It is said that not only Iriomote cat but also natural treasures such as Komugiwashi and Semaruhaku Turtle inhabit.

Beyond the Brook ... ....

As we go through the rocks approaching from both sides not to pass by people ......

You can see that the sound of the waterfall gradually grows. The goal is in front of me.

A waterfall jumped into sight when I passed through the forest.

This is the "God's seat" Kanbiri waterfall. Rocky skin is not so irritating, so I can sit down and relax. When you are looking at the waterfall you can see that the fatigue so far disappears like a lie. I mumbled to the godly sight, in spite of being "good to come". While thinking forever, I thought about the arrival time of the ship and came back on my way home.

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