I have eaten a slightly scented ginger sauce and Shakisaki Negi "Ginger Sauce Grilled Beef Bowl" at Tokyo Tokushima

From "Tokyo Tokimeki" characterized by a bowl of beef bowl rather than simmering, "Grilled ginger sauce with beef(Parallel 390 yen, large 540 yen, special 640 yen including tax) was released on Thursday January 24 (Thursday). On the grilled beef bowl, we have grilled white onions and spicy ginger sauce, and it seems that a refreshing umami is added. I decided to go to eat because what was on sale in 2011 also appeared again as a reprinted version this time.

Grilled ginger sauce with beef

Arrived at the shop.

The menu for this time is here. It seems that ginger sauce is made by adding minced ginger and grated ginger to grated ginger.

It is here that ordered immediately and it appeared. The size is similar, with miso soup attached. It took about 10 minutes to arrive because there were crowded in the store at lunch time as we baked meat after ordering.

On top of the baked beef are gray hair onion and ginger sauce. Because ginger is added with sesame oil, it feels oily.

The essential ginger sauce is thinner than I imagined and there is not much pungent taste. It may be unsatisfactory for those who were expecting the taste of gatzed ginger, but it is easy to eat to the extent that it has a slightly ginger flavor. The size of the gray green onion is larger than the shredded onion, so it was felt that the chewy toothpick was good correspondingly.

Oily ginger sauce is familiar with freshly baked meat fat. As much as the flavor of the meat is strong, I still want a bit more powerful taste in ginger.

Salad is added with plus 100 yen, and it is 490 yen including tax. If you want volume, please ask here for good.

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