Reuters publishes 95 best shot coverage shots capturing the dramatic moment of 2012

ReutersOf the press photographs taken in 2012, 95 best shots are released. From the photos that captured the shocking moment of events that happened in 2012, such as the presidential election, the Syrian conflict, the hurricane Sandy's damage, and the things that will be a bit more complicated, the photographers captured 95 photos from below. In addition, since the picture includes something with bloodshed and violence depiction, please be careful if you are not good at it.

Best photos of the year 2012 | Analysis & amp; Opinion | Reuters

◆ 01:One of the fighting in Syria. It is a space where tension and everyday exist that soldiers who are holding guns and soldiers trying to eat the chocolate bar are in the same space.

◆ 02:Prisoners in the San Quentin State Prison in America caged for group therapy sessions.

◆ 03:In Italy the scene that the photographer encountered thought "to take pictures that appeal to the price rise of gasoline?" A woman 's pushing car gradually gives his face out the window from the dog.

◆ 04:One piece taken when I visited the university facilities as part of the press tour commemorating the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birthday.

◆ 05:I got up near Gilio island, ItalyGrounding accidentPictures taken after. In this accident on Friday the 13th, 11 dead and over 60 injured came out.

◆ 06:Children crossing bridges that collapsed due to heavy rain to go to school were taken in Indonesia.

◆ 07:Constructed in BrazilVero Monte Hydro Power DamIt is planned to become the world's third generation power output if completed, but there is concern that it will seriously affect the surrounding natural environment and Indio. The following photograph captures the state of protest activities by activists and Indians.

◆ 08:It looks like the Indian traditional mud wrestling players do not slide with sweat, while rubbing sand with hands.

◆ 09:Three children living in Brasilandia, a poor city in BrazilPelizaeus-Merzbacher diseaseI have a genetic neurological disorder such as a father who runs a bakery to go to physical therapy, one piece taken after changing the children before sunrise. In Brazilian social security system, only one out of three people can receive financial assistance.

◆ 10:A 17 - year - old girl who works as a prostitute in Bangladesh will take 15 to 20 guests each day. To make you look more healthy, teenage prostitutes can take steroids.

◆ 11:The state where the festival "Jean Mash Tama" celebrating the birth of Hindu god Krishna was done on August 10, 2012. Jean Mash Tami is held in India.

◆ 12:Bolt who runs the 200 meters final at the London Olympic Games.

◆ 13:In Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, a massive fire occurred in May, at least 1000 buildings were destroyed, and about 10,000 people lost their homes, mainly in the low income group.

◆ 14:At the football · Euro 2012, the fans of the French team fighting Ukraine appear to kiss.

◆ 15:America, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is surrounded by media at the restaurant, a female customer who eats clam chowder.

◆ 16:The beaches of China and Shandong Province are full of women who have colorful masks. This is a mask for the sunshine invented about 7 years ago, it seems to be one that is sold well at local swimsuit stores.

◆ 17:Many Syrians escape to Turkey next to escape from the civil war in Syria, but the Turkish government is going through barbed wire to control the number of people who illegally cross the border. Men who hold a child and jump over the barbed wire.

◆ 18:A state where a man suspected of working for Israel is dragged by the armed group on the road (clicking on the mosaic will come off, browsing attention).

◆ 19:A moment when a 23-year-old soldier Nicholas Dickhut who died during battle in Afghanistan set up a gun for the Taliban.

◆ 20:Massacre of Srebrenica520 new victims were discovered and buried in the cemetery of Srebrenica Massacre Memorial Museum on 11th July 2012. On the evening the night before that, intense lightning was seen in the cemetery.

◆ 21:In the AT & T National Golf Tournament, Tiger Woods served as host for the 6th time this year.

◆ 22:A state of a man walking from a burning house where men with self-made weapons in Myanmar's Rakhine State. In Rakhine province, they are Arakans and Muslims who are BuddhistsRohingyaFrequent conflict of the.

◆ 23:In RussiaMagnitogorskResidents watching the sunset of.

◆ 24:Men in Pakistan to pull the ropes back to restore the tracks that have taken over.

◆ 25:A hurricaneSandyA roller coaster that broke with.

◆ 26:A 7 - year - old girl who visits a place where there was my house that was washed away by the tsunami that happened on March 11, 2011.

◆ 27:Kathmandu, a state where a man who lost his wife by giving birth is getting sad. According to the data of 2010, in Nepal it is said that 170,000 mothers will die with 100,000 births.

◆ 28:In the car race held in British Columbia, Canada, the lady who is responsible for passing the trophy to the winner is waiting in the form of a princess.

◆ 29:During the construction of the bridge, a Chinese man who penetrated the body with steel bars is being treated by a doctor and a firefighter.

◆ 30:Fencing player Alexander Massialas has decided to pose for portrait shooting at the Olympic Games.

◆ 31:A yawarapiti teenager who puts his foot on the tree branch and sets his head on a river in Brazil's national park. This is a festival ceremony called Quarterpie that fights people after death, and in 2012 Kuopee, Brazilian writer, anthropologist and politician Darcy Ribeiro was also touted.

◆ 32:A full moon that became the sixth ring of the 2012 Olympic Games.

◆ 33:Manolis Ouranos, who received a degree in civil engineering at the Athens Institute of Technology in Greece who has a professional difficulty, can not find a job post as a permanent employee and works as a cook.

◆ 34:Police fought with tear gas and pepper spray because protestors began throwing stones at the police during the protest against the government's plan to confiscate the land in the Galilee region of northern Israel.

◆ 35:A woman shedding tears at the sight of a neighbor who Hurricane Sandy left, who did not know the safety.

◆ 36:In the Manhattan where a power outage occurred by Hurricane Sandy, has a private generator for backupGoldman Sachs TowerIt seems that only gold is shining.

◆ 37:A mother holding a 9 month old baby with malnutrition at a hospital in Yemen / Sana'a.

◆ 38:Due to exile, African immigrants across the border exceeded 60,000 in recent years, and there are many African immigrants who do not have a place to sleep in Tel Aviv City, Israel.

◆ 39:Flood occurred in Jamu, India in August 2012, but during that time only the temple was left behind in the Tawi River.

◆ 40:A soldier who is injured by a shell shot released from a Syrian army tank.

◆ 41:In order to open my way, the summit for the environment and society "Rio + 20An indigenous man who gets on the subway to participate in '.

♦ 42:Before the election rally, the staff reflected on the window glass of the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's room.

◆ 43:After Hurricane Sandy has left, a man is walking alone in the city of New York, which has become a mountain of gareki.

◆ 44:A soldier 's reaction when a colleague was injured by a hand - made bomb while patrolling the southern part of Afghanistan.

◆ 45:The injured Syrian man lying on the boat, appearing to be brought to Turkey across the border.

◆ 46:A Palestinian man who checks the damage the house has received after the bombing.

◆ 47:The camera catches a puppy nestling beside a mother burned to death by a riot caused in the province of Myanmar · Rakhain. (Clicking on it will cause the mosaic to come off, browsing attention).

◆ 48:In Kiryat Maraki in the southern part of Israel, rocket bombs are being driven targeting civilians. A woman sounds panicking and women and mothers who are going to evacuate into buildings.

◆ 49:A giant escalator of 384 m in length set up in Colombia is divided into 6 sections and it is expected that it will help 12,000 residents in poor areas.

◆ 50:A 4 - man man who invaded Guatemala 's elementary school and killed two children was lynched by residents who became mobs when caught by theft, was burned alive and died.

◆ 51:When German Prime Minister Merkel visited Greece, he was a man who naked through Syntagma Square in Athens as part of protest action.

◆ 52:As a result of doing road improvement without the aged couple agreeing that the house is demolished. Pictures taken in China · Zhejiang Province.

◆ 53:A tank that bombards al - Qaeda in the southern city of Yemen.

◆ 54:A girl who wants to see the state of the biscuit festival in Nepal celebrating the New Year. For those who brought Mikoshi to himself at the Biscuits Festival that year, good luck will come.

◆ 55:President Obama will speak at the university in Ohio without a face.

◆ 56:When the Endeavor of the Space Shuttle moves to the California Science Center, a camera captures how many people cross the street.

◆ 57:An incident occurred at the Marikana · Platinum mine in South Africa to police fired at coal miners armed with tatami and sticks. There were 34 people dead and 78 injured.

◆ 58:Aung San Suu KyiA punk-like man wearing a jacket on which Mr. san wrote was participating in Myanmar · Yangon Water Festival. He said that he loved Aung San Suu Kyi and made a jacket himself.

◆ 59:A ballet dancer who reads books while spreading their legs widely.

◆ 60:In charge of destruction in HinduismShivaWhen the ceremony "Chadak" to honor God was held in the village in Kolkata, India, a man who stabbed a knife at his neck appeared. The photographer tried to talk to a man, but he seems he did not speak (clicking on the mosaic will disappear, browsing attention).

◆ 61:Reuters photographer Joseba Etxaburu in SpainSan Fermin FestivalHe was blown off by the bull while shooting in. Although he was slightly wounded, he is said to have continued shooting afterwards.

◆ 62:A wildfire spread Wyoming's Bridger A helicopter carrying a bucket filled with water to extinguish national forest.

◆ 63:A man who raises a gun behind a burning car in the case that the American consulate of Libya Benghazi was attacked on 11th September and four ambassadors died.

◆ 64:At the New York Fashion Week where the Spring / Summer collection of 2013 was held, models and audiences taking a light.

◆ 65:Female punk bandPussy RiotMembers of the group were arrested and tried on the crime of "Hooligan act", performing an improvised unauthorized performance at the Christian Cathedral of Messianic Moscow, but a man of Pussy Riot fans sewn as a protest below One attached one (clicking, blurring is off, browsing attention).

◆ 66:Svyatoslav Sheremet, the leader of the homosexual forum of Ukraine, was attacked by strangers after scheduling stop gay parade.

◆ 67:The day after the Israeli police tried to exclude Jewish settlers from the building in the city, a Jewish boy near the police state controlling a Palestinian woman trying to take a picture by hand.

◆ 68:An actor Tom Cruise who embraced his daughter Sri from a hotel in New York and a press co-spotting it.

◆ 69:Koenigssee lake at dusk, Bavarian farmers trying to carry a cow on a boat.

◆ 70:A man who climbs the wall to make a short cut on the hill of Kabul in Afghanistan.

◆ 71:Marietta Perkins who gave prayer all night for victims of indiscriminate shooting incidents in the "Dark Knight Rising" screening theater in Aurora City, Colorado.

◆ 72:South Sudan / Sudan border disputeIn April 2012, the South Sudan troops controlled the Hegurig oil field, and on 23rd, the Sudanese Air Force bombed the state capital Benthi, at least one of the children died. A woman is running down the street closing her ear to escape the bombing.

◆ 73:A band near the border between North Korea and China, playing instruments to welcome farmers standing in the middle of the field.

◆ 74:Before the opening ceremony of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, one of the yawning young people.

◆ 75:A gymnast player Gabrielle Douglas captured the moment when acting in the final of the London Olympics.

◆ 76:In Bolivia 's capital, La Paz, a demonstration was asked by the disabled for public assistance to the government on February 23, 2012. Demonstrations of people with disabilities collided with the police, and the police suppressed the people with disabilities using tear gas, pepper spray, etc, so it became a stir upright to arrest and injured people.

◆ 77:A man trying to jump on a spirited car after the funeral of a soldier shot dead near the Israel border of the Sinai Peninsula.

◆ 78:Henan Province of China, farmers pushing lawn mowers on the road.

◆ 79:Cyrus Fakroddin of New Jersey and his pet goat 's cocoa is going to sightsee in New York. Cocoa does not like goats and farmers very much, he seems to love people and cities.

◆ 80:It is a developmental disorderFragile X syndromeMr. Parker Roos rolling around the floor when it comes to controversy with my sister.

◆ 81:A woman who fills the ballot sheet of the presidential election under the light of the sun at a temporary voting place because the voting place has been hurt by Hurricane Sandy.

♦ 82:Blind human rights activist,Chen MitsunakaHe ran away from house arrest and asked the US government for protection. The following is the state of Mr. Chen who is interviewed in the light in New York.

◆ 83:On July 15, 2012, in order to attack from helicopter in Paktia province of Afghanistan,CH-47 ChinookSoldiers to get on.

◆ 84:In Greece, about 4,000 police, coast guards and firefighters carried out a suicide at the gallows to express the pain of budget cuts.

◆ 85:Huang Sufang 's house, which was not included in the demolition plan, was mistakenly torn down by the merchant. China · Guangdong Province.

◆ 86:Anti Islamic moviesInnocence of MuslimWas content insulting Muslims, On September 11, the American flag of the US Embassy in Cairo was pulled down by protesters.

◆ 87:The moment when Polk runner jumping player Lukasz Mamczarz jumped at the Paralympic Games final.

◆ 88:London music festivalHackney WeekendOne piece taken in.

◆ 89:It seems that the national flag on Parliament in Athens' Syntagma Square is being replaced by a new one.

◆ 90:A free soldier is running towards battle in the vicinity of Aleppo city in the northern part of Syria.

◆ 91:In a town of Florida · Sanford, in the light, a young person was a peaceful one that caught the moment when the young mother confirmed the hair cut by his father. In the same town, in the evening a 26-year-old young girl is killing a 17-year-old boy for "self-defense".

◆ 92:A crow riding on the body that floats in the Ganges.

◆ 93:After president Obama won the election, confetti sank so as to cover the stage.

◆ 94:Carlos Castano who lives in Madrid, Spain has worn the TV in an empty bedroom. Carlos of the Spanish came from Colombia in 2000, but he lost his job and waited for an order to leave the court. It is said that one in four people has been dismissed because of the recession in Spain.

◆ 95:Under the night sky, the house of the Yawarapiti tribe that glows vaguely and beautifully. The light that the photographer shot in a panic was that the fire which cooks the fish behind the house in preparation for the next day's quarterpiece was caused.

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