A total of 59 press releases photo collection "Pictures Of The Year 2012" capturing the moment of the century that toured around the world

One year to leave 2012 as well. French telecommunications company AFP communication announces "Pictures Of The Year 2012" what kind of incident or incident occurred in this year's year.

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AFP Pictures Of The Year 2012 - Fubiz ™

◆:Usama Bolt of Jamaica who achieved world new record at the London Olympic 4 × 100m relay finals. I got a gold medal even at 100 m, 200 m.

◆:Fireworks launched from the London Tower Bridge celebrating the beginning of the Olympics. The opening ceremony was invented by film director Danny Boyle, James Bond escorts the Queen to the Olympic Park and Rowan Atkinson plays Mr. Bean to the theme song of Flamingner "Chariots of Fire" An event such as running together was held. The cost is 27 million pounds (about 3.4 billion yen).

◆:Queen Elizabeth descended to Olympic Park, escorted to James Bond acting by Daniel Craig. Of course, both Bond and Queen descended from the stuntman, but at the Olympic Park the Queen's dogs appeared as cameos.

◆:The Olympic torch cradle was designed by an artist Thomas Heatherwick. 204 copper petals represent countries and regions participating in the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

◆:Muhammad Farah who won the marathon men's 5000 m final. Farrar has won gold medals even at 10,000 m and became the seventh person in the history who won 5000 m and 10 thousand m at the same event.

◆:Michael Phelps who challenges swimming boys 200 m individual medley. After that, I participated in the 4 × 200 m relay and won the first prize and won the 19th gold medal. This is the top number in the total, 9 in the second place with 4 people (Larisa-Latinina,Pavo Nurumi,Mark · Spitz,Carl Lewis) Are lined up.

◆:In the paralympic men's 100 m backstroke, Chinese Zheng Tao won the gold medal in the world record of 1 min 13 sec 56.

◆:At the 19 th stage of the Tour de France 2012, Bradley Wiggins won the first victory with the tool as an Englishman.

◆:"Joyfully jumping". Serena Williams won the Tennis Wimbledon Championship, Women's Singles. This was my 5th victory, aligned with my older sister Venus Williams. In addition, at the girls' doubles after this, we have paired with Williams sisters and we have also won the fifth doubles win.

◆:Decide the goal with UEFA EURO 2012 and take a poseMario Ballotelli

◆: belonging to FC BarcelonaLionel MessiThis year, the highest score score record of the official season game is renewed. The picture was taken when I scored a goal in Malaga CF game in January.

◆:At the 54th Grammy Awards, singer Adel won all six sessions nominated. A movie released on December 1, 2012007 Sky Fall"The theme song" Sky Fall "is also singing.

◆:At the 84th Academy Awards ceremonyMeryl Streep(Leading actress award) andJean du Jardin(Leading actor award)

◆:Performing for fans gathered in Sydney in October was "Gangnam style'S 700 million songs played on YouTube, etc. PSY (Sai) is a Korean singer. Although it seems that it hit explosively abroad, it did not reach a big hit in Japan. As a reasonCharacter of "a senior man with singing ability to dance" was not newThe point is pointed out.

◆:Prince Henry, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William who participated in Thames · Diamond · Jubilee · Pageant celebrating the 60 th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth

◆:Duchess of Cambridge

◆:President Obama, who decided to elect in the presidential election in the US, tweeted his account, President Obama is hugging his wife Michelle.

◆:During the election campaign in Florida, President Obama held by Scott Van Duser, an enthusiastic supporter of restaurant owners

◆:President Obama, also in Florida, who eats fried potatoes between meetings with supporters.

◆:During the supper of the White House Correspondent Association, President Obama skipped a joke and lightly winked.

◆:People who gathered to hear Mr. Romney's Republican presidential candidate's story.

◆:Mr. Romney and President Obama at the candidate debate

◆:A taxi damaged by Hurricane Sandy in the state of New Jersey. At least 250 people were killed in 7 countries by Sandy, and the damage of 65 billion dollars (about 5.3 trillion yen) came out.

◆:Tourists standing at Times Square. The state of Sandy on the eve of arrival.

◆:People who board the ferry of NY Waterway, backed by Manhattan. It is a picture after Sandy passed.

◆:A boys affected by the typhoon that hit Manila. A typhoon Saola and the rainy season overlapped, causing a massive power outage and at least one dead.

◆:Aung San Suu Qi who calls supporters in campaign campaign

◆:Israeli Air Force began air strikes against the Gaza Strip for four consecutive days from November 14. More than 40 people were killed and more than 350 people were injured.

◆:A 10-month-old girl, Hanen Tafesh, a Palestinian mother died on the bombing of the previous day. I am hugged by my father and relatives.

◆:Israel's air defense system "Iron Dome" to combat short range rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

◆:Straddling horses at the border of Syria and Turkey,Free Syrian ArmySoldiers. In Syria, a violent rebellion against Asado regime has occurred since March, and thousands of victims have appeared.

◆:A boy brought to a hospital in Aleppo in northern Syria. The Assad regime who received pressure from the Western countries injured in the bombardment when it attacked Aleppo against it.

◆:Aleppo, a man who takes an injured daughter to the hospital.

◆:Greece, a gathering of supporters of the new democratic party Antonis Samaras party leader

◆:In France, we celebrate that the people who support the Socialist Party Francois Orland broke Sarkozy and became president. By the way, President Oland is the president who is from Socialist Party for the first time in 20 years in France.

◆:President Orland who won the French presidential election, Kiss partner Valerie Trale Weiler and blessing at Bastille Plaza.

◆:The Xiaolangdi Dam in Hunan Province. Every summer in China, a large number of people are killed by the flood, and in 2010 we gave 4,300 dead and missing people, the largest in the last decade. It is a dam made to solve this.

◆:Cruise ship Costa ConcordiaThrown reef in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The captain who should remain on the ship to secure the safety of passengers escaped the ship early, so it took six hours to evacuate from the ship and more than 30 people died.

◆:In February, in Versoix near Lake Geneva, a cold wave caused the car to freeze. More than 260 deaths in this cold wave totaled the whole Europe.

◆:Jumphel Yeshi of the Tibetan exile, who protested to President Hu Jintao 's visit to India and lighted itself in New Delhi city.

◆:In the outskirts of Lyon, a French police officer was forced into a placeRomaChild.

◆:The Nepalese Chandra Bahadur Dangi (72) is 56 cm tall and has been certified as Guinness "the world's lowest person". I live in Reemkholi village 540 km southwest of the capital city of Kathmandu and this picture is from Reemkholi heading for Kathmandu to meet Guinness representatives.

◆:A French soldier who takes a security mission at the roof of the police station in Afghanistan. In the area around this time I will overcome 35 degrees in the summer, so I will go to bed on the roof.

◆:The carcass of the world's most preserved baby mammoth "Lyuba". In 2007, RussianYamal PeninsulaThe reindeer found from permanent frozen soil, which was exhibited in Hong Kong in April.

◆:I am rescuing leopard which has fallen to the water storage tank on the net. In the event that was in June in India, the Scona Forest Rescue Team came from Mahananda Nature Reserve and helped.

◆:I am shipping a box containing giant panda in a panda costume. It is an effort to naturally return panda which is done in Wolong dragon nature reserve in Sichuan province.

◆:"Mayan Theater in Los Angeles"Lucha VaVOOM's CINCO DE MAYAN". "Lucha VaVOOM" is a Mexican style professional wrestlingLucha libreIt is an event that combined comedy and strip show, and has been performing in the United States since 2002.

◆:F1 World Champion of 2012Became Sebastian Vettel. The picture is taken at the Singapore Grand Prix in September.

◆:Muhammad Mella who murdered seven people by attacking Jewish schools and others,RAID (French National Police Special Intervention Unit)Shooting dead.

◆:President Putin addressing more than 100,000 people at the Luzhniki stadium (at this point it is Prime Minister and presidential candidate)

◆:Putin flag on Kremlin

◆:People who fight at the Sake in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and escape to the sesame camp

◆:We are celebrating on the street by controlling sesame, armed faction "March 23 exercise (M23)Members of.

◆:"Fire Blow" performed in New Year at Manila's Chinatown

◆:A Slovak woman wearing traditional costumes and getting a full bucket of water. It is an Easter celebration.

◆:In commemoration of the first anniversary of the Mubarak regime's overthrow, obelisks are carved which carved out the names of the victims in the riots.

◆:Actor George Clooney and her father and journalist Nick Clooney were arrested for invading the Sudanese embassy in the United States in March.

◆:A woman who dances a samba at Sao Paulo's carnival

◆:Fish made with PET bottles, which appeared on the coast of Rio de Janeiro.United Nations Sustainable Development Conference (Rio + 20)It was installed in accordance with.

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