A beautiful news photo best shot collection capturing the moment of a historical incident or a symbolic event "Reuters Pictures of the Year 2013"

Although I will leave 2013, I cut off a week,ReutersIs releasing a press photograph symbolizing 2013 at once in the movie. You can look back at such things that happened in the world in 2013 at a stretch and recharge your heart.

Reuters Pictures of the Year 2013 - YouTube

A vending machine that was left alone in the afflicted area of ​​Fukushima.

CommercialSurrogacy mother birthThe market size of childbirth in surrogacy mother in India admitting $ 2 billion (about 20 billion yen).

A protest demonstration of improvement of working conditions by firefighters, which became an annual event in Belgium now.

In the demo by faculty and staff seeking improvement in treatment that occurred in Brazil / Rio de Janeiro there was also one act that the city hall was set on fire.

A state of the dunk contest held before the game of NBA global game held in Beijing.

Water accident caused by immigration of 13 Eritrean nationals who tried to exile.

Explosion incidents that occurred near the goal of the Boston Marathon.

In the civil war in Syria which becomes muddy, residents who escape from the fire which occurred in shops selling gasoline and oil.

From all over the worldMaltaImmigration to flow into. The picture is a woman from Somalia.

Myanmar (Burma)'sAung San Suu QiMr. was awarded 23 years ago from the European ParliamentSakharov PrizeParticipated in the award ceremony.

Human beings are the hands of orangutans who take blood samples at the Malaysian blood collection facility.

Naturally without limbsNick BuchiMr. dive into the pool where sharks are.

Armed groups attacked Kenya's Nairobi shopping mall and 67 people died.

In the western part of the United States, a number of forest fires occurred in 2013.

In August, Shanghai recorded the highest temperature of 41.1 degrees.

Emmy Award"BREAKING BUD" won the work prize etc.

Typhoon No. 19 which keeps on strong force and advances in the South China Sea and approaches Hong Kong.

A state of withdrawing a luxurious passenger ship that stranded off the coast of Tuscany, Italy.

AustralianNorthern TerritoryAerial photograph of.

Synchronized Swimming at the World Swimming Championship held in Barcelona A moment of acting of the British team.

At MTV Video · Music · HoursRobin · ChicWhenMiley CyrusExtreme performance by.

The suspicion that the Syrian government used chemical weapons is rich.

A skyscraper along the River Rhine - a man walking along the road next to the German Bonpost Tower.

Pull the dress on the red carpet at the Cannes Film FestivalEva Longoria.

In Mexico City, breeders never take out expensive dogs by car and never go out.

A boy who was injured in a protest demonstration against President Morsey in Cairo, Egypt.

A state of fighting performed in rituals of minority ethnic group Waura tribe held in Singh National Park in Brazil.

Presidential candidate to make a television speech at the presidential election in MaliSoumaila · CisseMr.

Papacy ·FranciscoWelcome to visit Brazilian Catholic followers.

Pakistan's first female fighter aircraft pilot Ayasha Farouk.

A bike that runs in the desert in the Dakar Rally in 2013.

Models covered with artificial snow at the Beijing fashion show.

"Water of ice" was born when the water which was discharged in the fire extinguishing activity occurred in Chicago freezed, and it opened overnight.

A rainbow illuminating people in the Philippines who suffered from the typhoon.

A woman who was rescued suddenly in Bangladesh from a building that was rescued for the first time in 16 days after the accident.

A two-shot picture of the President of the two countries at the G8, symbolizing America and Russia who are not aligned in pace with sanctions against Syria.

"Woman of Iron"ThatcherA state of the funeral of former British Prime Minister.

America'sArlington National CemeteryTo the gravestone as far as you can see.

Former England national soccer player ·David BeckhamRetired from active service.

Turkish · IstanbulTaksim SquareA lady who puts tear gas on a woman protesting to get rid of the tree at.

Hinduism 's colorful powder fluttering "Holey Festival"

Egypt's dismissed by military coup d'etatMuhammad MorseeFormer presidential election poster.

In India, 23 children who ate school meals with insecticide died.

In India where rape crime spreads, women rushing into train women's exclusive vehicles.

In 2001Terrorist attacks in the United StatesA man who walks a memorial facility on September 11, 12 years since.

A couple standing in a rubble house that collapsed by a tornado that struck Oklahoma.

A boy looking at the "jellyfish tank" at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Catholic worshipers worship at the Palaisida church in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Queen of tennis who controlled the French Open in 2013 and the US Open ·Selina Williams.

"Color run" which is carried out on the theme "The 5 kilometers which is the happiest on earth" is held in Caracas, Venezuela.

Yalu RiverA North Korean female soldier who walks along the riverbank of.

Royal baby is born in the UK.

The one drawn on the wall was the death of South AfricaNelson MandelaFormer president.

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