"The Power of a Photograph" collection of pictures containing impressive scenes that appeal to historical moments and emotions

By using photos you can leave "the moment of the century" and "moving scene" in a beautiful state as if you stopped the time. A movie that gathered famous photographs that can not help feeling such "great power that the photograph has"The Power of a Photograph"Is published on YouTube.

The Power of a Photograph - YouTube

I am a French-born photographerElliott ErwittOne piece shot by. A photo album published in 1992 "We are dogs"Characteristic appearance like human being is charming in the photograph published in.

Hero of the Cuban revolutionChoi GuevaraIn the portrait of the photo, the title is "Heroic guerrilla". I photographed a photographer from CubaAlberto Corda.

Photographer of UPI Communication CompanyArthur SassePortrait picture of Albert Einstein taken by. A photograph of the moment when Einstein who dislikes the photograph responded by tongue responding to the relentless request of the mass media on his 72nd birthday.

On January 11, 2011, landslides occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, due to torrential rain, many deaths came out. The following picture shows a dog of a person who became one of the victims in a figure not to leave from the grave after the owner was buried.

The following picture was taken on the street of Chang'an big street leading to Tiananmen Square just after the Tiananmen Incident occurred in the People's Republic of China on June 4, 1989. A man standing in front of a photo and a tank is "Anonymous rebels"It is widely known as. It was photographer Jeff Widdner who shot,Interview with Wall Street JournalInside, I talk about the incident at the time of filming.

The following shows the demonstration acts protesting black discrimination that occurred in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games, the 200 m male competition podium. "Black Power SaluteThe following picture, known as the African-American Tommy Smith player and John Carlos on the podium, shows that while the American national anthem was played to symbolize the black poverty and the Stars and Banners were being displayed, It seems that he is pushing up his fist with his eyes lowered, his head hanging, and a black glove worn at most.

During the Second World War Nazi Germany went to prisoners of the Soviet Union WarGenocideA picture of a scene of. The following picture shows the Nazis · Germany in 1941Heinrich · HimmlerIt was taken when the military commander visited the camp where the captives of the Soviet Union war were housed. I photographed it as Adolf Hitler's exclusive photographerHeinrich · Hoffman. He has been allowed to take pictures of Hitler from 1923 and is also known as a person who left numerous pictures of Nazi Germany.

The following photographs taken in the West Bank area of ​​Israel's Jordan portray the figure of a Jewish woman who confronts the police force to protect one's residence that the Israeli government decided to be an illegal immigrant camp. The following pictures are also shining for the Pulitzer Prize.

A picture of a mother pushing a wheelchair on a son who suffers from a neuroblastoma known as a kind of rare cancer.

A photograph that shows artificial respiration of a transmission line overhead worker who was carrying out maintenance work together by one of the transmission line overhead workers who fell into a cardiopulmonary arrest state by touching an electric wire with a voltage of 4000 V. When the incident occurred, the workers who touched the electric wire did not fall off the telephone pole thanks to the lifeline and the workers who entered the rescue lost consciousness from the utility pole while performing artificial respiration It seems that he succeeded in getting down workers and making them resuscitate.

The following photographs are those when gay marriage was approved in New York State in the United States in 2011. Photographs include Phyllis Siegel and Connie Copello, which share the pleasure of sharing pleasure as the first gay marriage in the Manhattan area of ​​New York City.

A picture showing a moment when a young lady who had been protesting against the Vietnam War put flowers at the muzzle of the police force. It was taken in 1969, and I photographed a French photographerMarc Ribou.

A picture of a soldier who helps a kitten during the Korean War.

A photograph of the 'footprint of the moon' left by the American astronaut Neil Armstrong famous as the person who succeeded in the first moon landing of mankind.

A picture of the moment of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Photographer Anthony Sauo photographed in 1989.

He is a politician in the Republic of South AfricaNelson MandelaA photograph of when it was released from prison in 27 years.

In addition, I got up in Vancouver, Canada in 2011An ardent kiss during the riotA couple who became famous by playing ... ...

PhotographerPhilippe Halsman"Dalí Atomicus" shot in 1948

"Lunch at the top of the skyscraper"You can see many impressive photos such as.

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