13 photos of the turbulent times

It is 13 photographs that cut out the times when it moves violently. There are pictures of soldiers landing on Omaha Beach, which has established photojournalism, and pictures that have been seen once, such as 'Gandhi turning an Indian spinning wheel' that made the world aware of the disobedience movement.

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Soldiers landing on Omaha Beach during the Normandy landing operation. This was shot by Robert Capa, a well-known news photographer. The photos taken on this battlefield were few decent due to the mistakes of the developer, and were announced as 'out of focus because the capacity trembled in fear of death', but the out of focus realistically conveyed the fear of the battlefield. A photograph that laid the foundation for photojournalism.

Secretary of the South Vietnam Police Agency shooting and killing soldiers on the Viet Cong Liberation Front. This photo, taken by Associated Press Eddie Adams, became one of the famous images of the Vietnam War and influenced American public opinion.

Hindenburg explosion. The explosion prevented the construction of large airships.

The Battle of Gettysburg, which was the largest battle during the Civil War, was the largest battle in the United States, with the Union Army Maj. Gen. Renolds dying on the first day. The South Army, which suffered great damage in this battle, loses power and leads to the victory of the Union Army.

The body of Che Guevara. After achieving the Cuban Revolution, Guevara, who was about to launch a new revolution in Bolivia, was captured after being attacked by government forces and shot dead the next day. Guevara's death was revealed as a show to leftist forces around the world and had a great impact.

'Gandhi spinning an Indian spinning wheel'. After World War I, he called on him to join the Indian independence movement and wear Indian cotton products instead of British ones. This disobedience movement made Gandhi known to the world.

Einstein with his tongue out. In response to a request from the cameraman to 'laugh' on his 72nd birthday, he seems to have been one of his favorites. This eccentric genius physicist is known around the world for his work, including humor and theory of relativity.

A photo of Nessie (an unidentified creature living in Loch Ness) called a 'surgeon's photo'. Taken by an obstetrician and gynecologist in London, it is known as a representative photograph of Nessie. Later, officials confessed that it was a trick, but many still believe that there is something on Loch Ness.

'Kiss of the end of the war'. It was announced that World War II would end, and the joy was expressed straightforwardly.

Salvador Dali, a surrealist painter. This photo, taken in 1948, takes 6 hours to shoot because it is difficult to time the cat, water, and Dali himself. Dali became very popular in the United States and made Surrealism more popular.

This photo with the letter F on the back of a model female shows the similarity between a female back and a violin. Now it's as easy as putting text in Photoshop, but this is a 1924 work. A piece that gives a feeling of the future.

'Mother of immigrants'. This expression is convincing when my husband died of tuberculosis and was hit by the Great Depression.

A photo of Adams who turned the photo into an art. Adams decided to send the pictures he took to Congress to make it a national park in order to protect the wilderness of the United States.

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