Tampering with various photographs made in the Soviet period during the Stalin period

Joseph Stalin, known as a dictator alongside Adolf Hitler, is known for its harsh repression policy, but various pictures were tampered with for impression manipulation in it. Some are suspected to be tampering, but some may be introduced.

Details are as follows.
NEWSEUM: The Commissar Vanishes

Pictures taken at the red square on the 1919 Revolution Day. The person on the center left is Lenin, Trotsky to the right.

Several people including Trotsky are erased without a trace.

PravdaI ReadTrotsky.

Trotsky fainted in 1925, the face part of the photograph was crushed.

A famous photograph of Lenin 's speech in front of the Bolshoi Theater in 1920. Lenin is in the speech, with TrotskyCarmenevI am waiting for the order of the speech at the stairs.

Trotsky and Carmenaf disappeared from the stairs.

There is an indication that there was a time lag in this picture, during which Trotsky and Carmenef moved.

"Lenin to make a speech, a missing trokey"

With StalinEjovIt was taken.

After Ezhov's purging it disappeared.

Conversely, there is also pointed out that Ejov was added later.


In 1922 he filmed Lenin and his wife Nadezida. It looks like a gun-like thing is struck on the head of Nadezhda.

In later pictures the gun has been erased.

Recently conducted impression manipulation by photo processing is famous for the Israeli Lebanese bombing of Reuters. Black smoke got up to bash, but it was processed in Photoshop.

This is the original.

Lgf: Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut?

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