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Many of us are doing excellent research of family lines (or asking experts to examine old documents) and devoting much effort to making genealogies of their own houses. However, no matter how sophisticated such all family tree is, it exists isolatedly.

The main purpose of the Wiki tree project is to provide a central place on the Internet for relatives information about all the people we know so far, to create genealogy automatically, It is to watch over "graduate collection of mankind" gradually being made. It may seem like a very big business, but in reality it is not. There is not much information required to register. It is the name of the principal, the name of the child, the data on births and deaths, all others that can be guessed!

As with Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, Wiki Tree uses open source software media wiki. It means that you do not need to learn new syntax and editing tools. If you have never written on MediaWiki's website, please see the Wikipedia tutorial.

Wiki tree was started on 26th April 2005 as a collaborative research project which editing is free and editor himself led. Use of wiki tree - forever - free.

Commentary is like this.

WikiTree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There was a similar site before, but none of this was also at the global level. - Family History and Genealogy Records

WorldConnect Project - Connecting the World One GEDCOM at Time

Among them, if you search on the net, will you be able to know the history of your family line too? In particular, it is said that Americans are particularly frequent to show the anxiety attention to such family tree. The reason is simple, the United States itself is a country of immigrants, the history is shallow so it is easy to create family tree diagrams easily. Because the history is shallow, we emphasize the importance of history and that is why Americans are more concerned about antiques than Europe, so that buyers in Europe are doing great success.

If you think carefully, this wiki tree plan, in Japan it is likely that you are going to lose ground due to a different reason (censored removal)

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