A Facebook bug caused a situation where ``spam posts are shared with users via celebrity accounts''

Early in the morning of Wednesday, August 24, 2022 local time, a strange bug occurred where the

feed was filled with spam posts sent to celebrity Facebook accounts. As a result, Facebook user feeds are filled with spam posts sent to artists such as Lady Gaga , Nirvana , and The Beatles .

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The bug that occurred on Facebook is that ``what a user sends to a celebrity's account is shared with the feeds of all Facebook users who follow the celebrity's account.'' Some Facebook users who noticed the existence of this bug started sending spam messages to celebrities' Facebook accounts in the hope that their posts would appear on the feeds of Facebook users around the world. developing.

Spam messages sent by users include 'PayPal donation links', 'advertising virtual currency related projects', ' Internet memes ', etc. An example is the screenshot below.

It seems that the Facebook feed of Mr. John Porter, who is a reporter at The Verge of overseas media, was as follows.

According to Down Detector, which finds and reports internet service interruptions and connection failures in real time, Facebook is said to have experienced an outage from around 2:00 EST on the 24th, but the connection failure has been reported on Meta's status dashboard . No such issues have been reported.

A Meta spokesperson later told CNBC, ``We are aware that some people are having issues with their Facebook feeds. I apologize for the inconvenience,' he commented. In addition, a spokesperson updated the statement to CNBC, saying, ``Some users had problems with their Facebook feeds due to configuration changes.''

In addition, Alexandre Boyka, a spokesperson for Meta, Facebook's operator, said on Twitter, ``Today, some users' Facebook feeds are experiencing problems due to configuration changes. We have resolved the issue as soon as possible for the benefit of all users. We apologize for the inconvenience.'

According to Sky News reports, Facebook's service has been temporarily suspended in the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, the United States, Poland, and Australia due to this bug.

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