Presence of military shuttle plan "Black Star" which fly to satellite orbit

It seems to be a conspiracy theory, but for the person of the line it flew to the satellite orbit based on the super-famous tragedy bomber "Supersonic Large Bomber B-70 Valkyrie" and was installed there The military shuttle plan which carries weapons to the secret base on satellite orbits, that name "Blackstar" was actually planned and found to have come to the stage of implementation.Two-Stage-to-Orbit 'Blackstar' System Shelved at Groom Lake?

This is a supersonic large bomber B - 70 Valkyrie

North American XB - 70 (North American XB - 70) is a prototype strategic bomber of the US Air Force. Only two machines are manufactured. Nickname is Valkyrie (English reading of the warrior Valkyrie of Nordic mythology).

Although it was planned as a supersonic strategy nuclear bomber that can travel back and forth between Alaska and Moscow with maximum speed at Mach 3, it has not been officially adopted due to the lack of significance of existence due to the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, etc. , And one of the prototypes was lost in an air collision accident. The one left now is exhibited in the Light · Patterson museum.

Coupled with tragic endings in near future designs, it is still a very popular aircraft even after retirement as well as at the time of flight.

So, the black one seems to have been lost due to the accident, but it is hard to believe it is because it is said that the same coloring as this black one based on Valkyrie was built secretly. Actually, AFSPC and the US Air Force Space Army also testified that this training was supposed to be held for a while, there is seriously to build a US space base on the satellite orbital, to set up a bomber there It seems that it was thought. Needless to say the reason for this plan to be dismissed is the annihilation of the Cold War and the cost problem. Or, the cost is too high. It seems that if it could clear the problem of cost, it was actually operated. It seems that the main purpose of this satellite orbit air weapon has been to shoot down similar enemy countries' satellite weapons. Where is the enemy country ......

Also, there is a military shuttle that can fly alone to this satellite orbit, there is a report that it actually took off from Okinawa. Have you flew to space unmistakably in the darkness of the night ...? Sodium ion laser detector was installed, it seems that it was able to set the bombing target on the ground from the satellite orbit by sensing turbulence and the like. It is the SF world when you come here already.

By the way, the prototype of this plan has already come out in the 1950s, and it is even more surprising to say that it was a practical stage. Regarding patents of Shuttle equipped with this two-stage rocket, since Boeing owned it, did not it involve some form in this plan? Also the speculation that. It is said that the product in this case is the experimental aircraft, the X-20 "Dyna-Soar" cosmic shuttle, which itself is being canceled, but in fact it was not about.


Experimental experiment machine

In this tone, at the moment we talk about what the United States is making .... It is because the circumstances of X - Files and other big hits in America are actually doing such things ....

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