Looking back at the history of photography in only 5 minutes "The History of Photography in 5 Minutes"


As photographic technology has evolved from film cameras to digital cameras, the quality of photos has improved since the birth of photography technology about 200 years ago. A movie showing how such technology of photography has evolved "The History of Photography in 5 Minutes"Is published on YouTube.

The History of Photography in 5 Minutes - YouTube

"The History of Photography (History of Photography)"

Photographs were invented in the nineteenth century, but attempts to project the light onto the plane were done before that. Among them, the prototype of the camera is "Camera · Obscura"is.

The principle of camera - obscura has been known since BC,InkYaAristotle,Ibn HYSOMAnd so on have observed the phenomenon that light passing through a small hole turns upside down.

And in 1490, thatLeonardo da VinciBut……

I use a camera and obscura as a device for drawing pictures.

Also,Rembrandt van Rayne,Johannes Vermeer,Michelangelo Merrita da CaravaggioIt is said that great artists remaining in history such as the camera and obscura were used as imitation equipment.

In 1724Johan · Heinrich · SchulzeBut……

We will discover the photosensitivity of silver chloride.

After that, in 1826, the world's first photography technology "heliography" is born.

That which invented thisJoseph · Nisefol · Nieps.

And the world 's first photograph taken by Nieps is kore. This is a statue that was painted on the polished plate of silage by applying asphalt of Yudeaa which is a derivative of petroleum. It took a few days to shoot.

As evidence that it took a long time to shoot, the sun's light can be seen at two places surrounded by red lines.

After the death of Nieps, he was doing camera research with himLouis Jacques Mande DaguerreI will inherit Nieves' research.

And it was born in 1833 that "Daguerreotype(Silver plate photo) "the world's first practical photography method.

In 1839, the French government has purchased patents related to this Daguerreotype.

The photograph of this Daguerreotype was completed with about 7 minutes exposure.

The world's first self-portrait photograph was taken in 1839Robert CorneliusPhoto of.

In addition, there are still many pictures taken with this Daguerreotype.

In 1840,William Henry Fox TalbotByCaro typeA photography technique called 'Invention' was invented. This carootype was the first negative photography technique ever in history and was superior to Daguerreotype in that it is possible to duplicate photographs.

The world's first made with that calotypenegativeThere.

However, Talbot did not disseminate this shooting technique widely because it asked for a fee when photographing with a calotype.

And it seems that Talbot himself has worked on disputes over patented calotypes over many years.

It will appear nextJohn Herschel.

Herschel published numerous research papers on photography. Also, Herschel created the word "photography" from Greek.

It seems that the exposure time of photography shrunk to about 3 minutes at this time.

Nevertheless, it takes a considerable amount of time to shoot compared to the current camera, and this is the reason "all the initial portraits are expressionless".

The world's first Photoshop (composition of photos) was born in 1861, it seems that the face of Abraham Lincoln was stuck on the body of another person.

The world's first color photograph was born in 1861.

Furthermore, in 1871, Richard Reach Maddox developed "gelatin dry plate". This is highly sensitive and suitable for mass production at the factory, so it will be used by many people.

Speaking of famous photographs taken with a gelatin dry plate, in 1878Edward My BridgePhotographed by ... ...

Continuous photos of running horses

In 1885, the founder of Eastman KodakGeorge · EastmanDeveloped a way to apply dry gel to paper.

In 1888, he released the world's first roll film camera.

Under the propaganda of saying "If you only press a shutter, we will do it ..."

If the customer sent the camera to Kodak, we developed the film and developed a service to send back the camera with the photograph and the new film loaded back, making up the foundation on which the camera and the picture can be accepted by the masses.

And in 1925Oscar BarnacThe camera adopting the 35 mm format produced by "LeicaIs born.

With the birth of Leica, photographers have become able to carry the camera more freely, and a number of name pictures were born.

In addition, the world's first single-lens reflex camera was born in 1949.

The first digital image is made in 1957 ... ...

A digital camera was born in 1975. Steve Sasson of Eastman Kodak invented the first digital camera. The image size was 100 x 100 with 10,000 pixels.

But at the time, no one in Eastman Kodak was aware of the importance of digital cameras.

The digitization of the camera starts to move greatly around 1990.

In 1999Camera phoneWas born, and in 2000 the model to become the prototype of camera phone with popular explosion is born.

And now, for smartphones cameras are one of the essential functions ... ...

Anytime, anywhere anyone can easily shoot and share photos.

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