'Fakefollowers' on Twitter that lets you know the proportion of bots and dummies that are not humans in your followers

A web service that allows you to easily check how many bots of followers are gradually increasing when you use Twitter is "Fakefollowers"is. The usage method is as follows.

Fake Follower and Inactive Follower app

If you do not follow socialbakers by accessing the above site, uncheck "Follow @ socialbakers", enter Twitter's user name and click "Check".

Enter the user name and password and click "Authenticate linked applications".

Then, the comment of the entire follower is displayed, and at the lower right of the comment, the proportion of certain bots · inactive followers · normal followers is displayed respectively. This account does not seem to have any problem, especially not many kinds of bots.

The criteria for judging a certain kind of bot in this service are as follows. In this beta version, the percentage is given from followers up to 2000 (error is about 10% to 15%).

· Following more than 50 people for one follower
· Repeat spam phrases
· Repeat same tweet 3 times or more
· Over 90% of tweets are retweeted
· Link to more than 90% of tweets and follow more than 7 people for 1 follower
· I have never tweeted it

After authenticating, it is also possible to check what happens to the followers of other people's account.

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