I tried to eat 'Palm Cafémoca', a gradation of taste and color of vanilla ice and coffee ice

The smooth vanilla ice cream and the bitter tasting coffee ice cream were coated with chocolate "PARM (Palm) Cafe mocha". Coffee ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate taste mixed together, and I decided to eat it because it is bitter but a slightly sweet "cafe mocha" can be tasted.

"Daily Premium?" New products are released from the ice cream bar "PARM (Palm)" series! "PARM (Palm) Cafe Mocha" in which vanilla ice cream and coffee ice cream mix together like a whirlpool New release in the whole country from October 22 (Monday)!

The package looks something like this.

It is said that it has become a tasty flavor to the extent that it is memorable, and I can expect it.

Three of the tastes are chocolate, coffee ice cream, vanilla ice cream, these are mixed to make the taste of cafe mocha.

Raw materials such as dairy products, semi-chocolate, coffee.

The energy per one (55 milliliters) is 140 kcal.

I have six in all.

The size of one is as large as the palm of your hand.

Take out of the bag, you will see a coating of chocolate.

It seems that chocolate is smoother or melted in the mouth.

Okay, we will. The thinly coated chocolate crackles crisply lightly, from the inside spreads the taste mixed with the sweetness and bittersweet of moist and vanilla ice cream and coffee ice cream. The coffee ice cream said that they extracted espresso from Colombian coffee beans, but the bitter taste is not so strong, but the coffee flavor is slightly felt, but firmly complements the sweetness of vanilla ice cream.

It is a bit disappointing that chocolate melts quickly when you start eating and the texture of "crisp" fades in the second half. The contents of the ice cream can enjoy a contrasting color gradation of vanilla ice cream and coffee ice cream, and it is finished in contents which can be enjoyed with the eyes.

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