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From the mini-cup of Haagen Dazs which is popular among ice which can be purchased at convenience stores, you can feel the smell of elegant rice tea and rich flavor of milk and rich flavorHojicha latte"Is newly appearing. Two kinds of rice tea ice cream with a refreshing aftertaste with a refreshing finish and a fragrant roasted tea latice ice cream are combined in a marble like loud tea latte ice cream combined with first-chopped tea leaves and elegant umami milk, and a lavish I was able to enjoy the taste, so I actually tried it.

Minicup "Hojimachi Latte" Newly released for a limited time from Tuesday, April 25 | Haagen Dazs Japan

Hojicha Latte | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs

This is "Hojicha" which appeared newly in Haagen-Dazs minicup. It is limited time sale.

Types of ice creamAs "ice cream" with milk solids content of 15.0% or more, milk fat content 8.0% or more is classified. Raw material names include cream, defatted concentrated milk, sugar, egg yolk and roasted tea, and the content is 110 ml.

The calorie per cup is 240 kcal, the carbohydrate is 22.4 g.

Take the lid and there is a film lid inside ... ...

When peeling off this, marble ice cream appears. It is not as dark as chocolate ice and there is no whiteness like vanilla ice cream, so honestly it's not that tasty looking ....

I will try to eat a bite.

If you try to eat it actually the smell of Hojicha is stronger than you imagined, the scent that goes through your nose is very refreshing. However, the taste makes me feel a bitter taste of tea and milk taste and richness. It is a combination of so-called scent of tea and milk, with the taste just like making ice cream with exceptional tea scent.

The cross section of the ice is like this and it is firmly marble to the bottom.

As you can see, we combine two kinds of rice tea ice in a marbled shape, but I tried trying to find out the difference in taste compared with actually eating. First of all, trying to eat the thinner one, you can feel the smell of the first mouth stronger than when you eat it together first. As a taste, there was sharpness in sweetness and it felt like pulling back slowly, bitterness of tea was also felt slightly.

The darker ice cream is more deeply and massive, as if the sweetness is coming to the tongue quite well than the thinner one. Surprisingly, the impression of scent is stronger in the ice of thinner color. This is a perfect taste that it feels a deep sweetness rather than a strong anyway, and quietly delivers relaxed sweetness.

Even if you first eat two roasted green ice cream separately to check the difference in taste, even if you mix the two afterwards, you can also eat "This is a lot more hojiya ice cream with a thinner color ...?" Every time you eat it you can notice a subtle change in taste and have fun. Because it is in a marble shape it is difficult to make it to your liking rate, but the taste changes slightly every time you eat, so it seems to be said that it is an infinitely delicious ice cream with one.

The suggested retail price of Haagen Dazs Mini Cup Roo Tech Latte is 272 yen excluding tax, and limited sale is on sale from Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

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