I tried "PARM Matcha Latte", where the taste of Matcha and milk intertwine

From Monday, 24th (Monday), Morinaga Milk ice cream "PARM (PALM)" has "Matcha" and "Milk flavor"PARM Matcha Latte"Has been added. As smooth Palm mouthfeel, I bought it and tried eating it because I used Matcha that was flavorful and bitter.

PARM Green Tea Latte | Ice Cream | Product Information | Morinaga Milk

PARM green tea latte is a light green package. Matcha is in the marble pattern in white vanilla ice cream.

White chocolate coating · Matcha ice cream · vanilla ice cream.

Daily Premium CampaignWe are carrying out a business trip pair dinner etc.

Raw materials such as dairy products · chocolate coating · sugar · syrup · egg yolk · tea · emulsifier · fragrance · stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide) etc. The calorie is 130 kcal per one.

6 boxes per box.

The ice cream partPARM chocolateA little smaller than the iPhone 5, it is about the same length including the bars.

White chocolate on the surface smoothly dissolves, compatibility with milk ice cream · matcha ice cream is also good. It is made to feel slightly bitter, but vanilla ice cream is smooth so it mixes well with Matcha. Sweetness was a modest make.

Surprisingly the taste of white chocolate is working, it has become a good accent. One bottle 55 ml and a little capacity, so if you are unsatisfactory it might be good to eat two.

PARM green tea latte is 380 yen by tax. If you like PARM series and Matcha, you should definitely buy it.

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