Momoya "Fried garlic" which just sprinkle the contents of the eating oil just like it sprinkled It tried various dishes with butter flavor and tofu taste

As an evolution form of "eating lucian oil" from Momoya, we added fried onion and sesame based on fried garlic finished in a crisp texture "Butter-flavored fried garlic"When"Toasted flavored fried garlic"Was released. "A bitter spicy rice oil that is not hotCan not you eat only the contents of? It seems that it was made based on the voice saying that it was made based on the voice saying that it is possible to put on various dishes with a sprinkle sensation, so I decided to try it.

Butter-flavored fried garlic

Toasted flavored fried garlic

"Fried garlic with butter flavor" & "Fried garlic with garlic flavor" (320 yen for each tax)

"Butter flavored fried garlic" is finished in buttery flavor using soy sauce and butter.

Raw materials include fried garlic, fried onions, powdered soy sauce, butter and so on.

It seems that it will fit various cuisines such as rice, pasta, garlic toast and so on, it seems that ease of use is good.

Open the lid and check the contents, you can see the appearance of fried garlic, fried onion, sesame and so on. It looks like a sprinkle instead of an oily feeling like "eating lucian oil". As a scent, it smells stronger butter scent than garlic.

This is "Toasted flavored fried garlic". It seems that it is finished in a tangy taste of refreshing spicy using red peppers.

Raw materials include fried garlic, fried onion, chili pepper and so on.

The color is bright red, it looks spicy as you see it. There is no smell like the buttery flavor, but it smells like a spicy snack.

So let's try these two different varieties.

"I think that the taste that this garlic's effect is surely suitable for egg-hung rice", I will decide to put it on egg-hung rice first.

Melt eggs ......

Hokka hokka rice over ......

Completed sprinkling "butter-flavored fried garlic". Even the shine of shiny eggs is enough, but when it adds a fragrant aroma of butter and garlic, the appetite is more stimulated.

The taste of butter felt the sweetness of the egg deeper, the fragrance of fragrant garlic gives flavor. Sprinkling grain gets tangled often by eggs and keeps on steadily. However, if too much is spent too much, the flavor of butter becomes too strong, so it is recommended to watch while watching little by little.

I tried also "fried rice flavor fried garlic".

"ColumnoBecause the taste of the taste of the taste of the taste of pepper is not so strong, so it is OK to put on my skin. The taste of fried garlic and fried onion is felt well, the fragrant flavor fits well with eggs. You can enjoy crispy chewy texture with good texture of fried ingredients.

Next time I try to eat pasta.

First of all, boil pasta in hot water boiled.

Once completed, it will be served on the dish and the olive oil will be blended into the noodles. By the way, what I use is the "Spray type edible olive oil". It is useful because it is convenient.

next"Magic saltLightly add a spice to it.

There, "Butter flavored fried garlic" was introduced. Very easy cooking without using frying pan.

Okay, we will. The thick butter fits well with the pasta and it also has a flavor of garlic and makes it easy to make it is finished in a taste that I can not imagine. Since the flavor and flavor of ingredients often comes out with the heat of pasta, it is good if pasta put on hotly.

Next time I tried "Fried garlic fried garlic". Flavor of garlic, spicy taste of red pepper, this taste like peperoncino. I think whether it is good even if there is a bit more hot, but because the flavor of fried garlic and fried onion is felt firmly, this is a taste that has a response to eat in this way.

Next time I will put it on a crispy French bread.

I will heat it in the oven toaster.

The smell of freshly baked fish does not stop.

First of all, from 'butter flavored fried garlic'. Taste of garlic toast as it is. The scent of butter warmed by the heat coming out of the hot bread is felt well, the butter and garlic taste spread to the mouth with a crispy chewy response. It is hard to eat because ingredients are easy to fall from bread because it is not sticky like rice oil, but it is hard to eat, but it is nice to be able to eat with a rough texture without feeling greasy.

Next is "Toasted flavored fried garlic". It is not as high as "buttery fried garlic", but the flavor of fried garlic and fried onion goes well with the bread. Because the material was felt better than pasta and ramen because of the simple taste, because the spicy of chillies was felt better, it seems to be good to try when saying "tasty panned with bread may be occasionally good".

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