I ate "Scallop Scallop Smoked Oil" which condensed the flavor of fresh scallops

Speaking of scallops, it is common to put in gratin, stir-fry butter, cook and eat it, but canning of scallops that can be eaten without cooking while using the goodness of the ingredients using oil is "Amanohashidate scallop scallop shell smoked oiling"is.

Canned Takenaka Amanohashidate Scallop Scallop Shell Smoked Oil Treatment 9 CAN Pain - Kyoto · Tango Ehime and Honpo

The package uses Japanese paper, combined with a soft illustration, a purely Japanese image.

The character of "scallop shell pill oil refining". She said that she was boiling the fresh scallop and scooping it and put it on the oil.

To the oilCottonseed oil (Menjitsuyu)use.

There are luxury feeling, such as canning is golden and it has irregularities on the side.

There is a dent under the pull tab, and ingenuity is done to make it easy to open.

Paccari immediately.

As soon as you open the can, the scent of scallops comes into play.

There are ten scallops packed tightly.

Scallops attached to the oil are shiny.

Because of kun made, it is rather dark brown.

I like snacks, prepare toothpicks.

I pierced the scallops in the scallops, because my body was too tight, I cracked.

Paculi can not stand it, just as scent of scallops scenting oil. The elegant texture of the tasseled scallop and the elegant scallop's umami are condensed. Although it is immersed in plenty of oil, it is free from grease, but when it is at normal temperature the taste is thin and lacks impact.

In order to make use of the smell and taste of elegant scallops, we tried to make it simple pasta.

First I will carve garlic.

Plent cottonseed oil scallop scallop plenty in a frying pan ... ...

I will add plenty of chopped garlic.

When garlic is fried in crispness, scallops are introduced.

When heat is applied, the scapula can be loosened moderately.

Pasta is put in lightly.

Completion Easy simple (also called handy).

I cooked a little garlic ...

A bite of scallops full of pasta. Contrary to the expectation that you might lose the intense scent of garlic, the scent of scallops is firmly left, and sweetness has come out by passing through heat. However, since saltiness is low, it feels unsatisfactory.

It was an unsatisfactory feeling only with scallops and garlic, so I will add pepper and try pepperoncino.

Cut the red peppers and garlic and fry it. We use canned cottonseed oil as well as oil.

Combine broth with pasta and finish it quickly. Apparently, cotton seed oil seems to have less entanglement to pasta than olive oil. The sweetness of the scallop that spreads after the hot pepper after trying to eat is over the past past.

Also, if you simply warm the scallops with a microwave oven, moderately unraveling flavor will be dramatically increased, so we recommend eating here. However, if you overheat it will explode and scatter, so that is a point to note.

"Amanohashidate scallop scallop shell smoked oiling" is on sale at a price of 914 yen per can in Amazon, slightly higher. However, if you think that you can taste the elegant taste easily with canned, it may be ant as a reward for yourself.

Amazon.co.jp: Takenaka Canned Scallop Scalloped Smoked Oil-Taking: Food & amp; Beverages

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