Twitter "Twitter usage fee checker" that tells monthly usage fee and plan calculated according to disgrace degree

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Normally you create Twitter usage fee invoices from Tweets, Reply, Retweets, Follows etc.Twitter usage fee checker". In addition to calculating the monthly fee for using Twitter, we will also tell us about the usage plan for each person, such as "general plan", "waste plan", "super disappointing plan" according to usage frequency.

Twitter usage fee checker

To check the fee for using Twitter, put your Twitter account in the text box and click "Confirm usage fee".

Then, it will be displayed with such a feeling like this. Below are Twitter usage fee checker creatorsTo here'S results.

At the top of the invoice, the ID of the user, the period of use, the amount of money used.

First of all, the basic usage fee is 980 yen. I am using ordinary people plan light.

Tweet rate is 4985 yen. Breakdown is usually 200 yen for 20 tweets, 3210 yen for reply 107 yen, 15 yen for one retweet, 720 yen for URL description 24 times, 840 yen for late night extra tweets.

The system usage fee is calculated based on the number of followers, the number of fav usage, and the number of used lists. In this case, the number of followers is 734 people, 14,680 yen, fav use fee is 847 times 8470 yen, list usage fee is 5440 yen with 136 times.

Also,Profile background optionYaLocation information optionEach amount will be added to the user as. Profile background option is 3000 yen, position information option is 100 yen.

The monthly number of Twitter usage will be stated as a notice at the end.

The rate plan will vary according to the individual's Twitter usage situation. For example, if the usage amount for one month is 39,330 yen, the tweet fee is 14,260 yen, the system usage fee is 14,690 yen, and the option service is 3000 yen, the general plan.

Next, if the amount of usage is 59,580 yen, the tweet fee is 19,890 yen, the system usage fee is 30,100 yen, and the option service is 3000 yen ... ....

Discontinued plan.

If the usage amount is 4,494,590 yen, the tweet fee is 840,000 yen, the system usage fee is 3,688,10 yen, and the option service is 3000 yen ......

It will be ultra super super superfluous plan.

Ultra super super superfluous plan is the best? And when I think that the amount of use is 2,582,825 yen, the tweet fee is 1,775,595 yen, the system usage fee is 846,650 yen, and the option service is 3000 yen ... ....

Ultra super super ultra super disadvantage plan going further on ultra super superfluous plans. The basic usage fee is 20,980 yen.

It does not mean that people with high usage fees are simply included in a high-priced plan, but it seems that the plan is determined mainly by tweet count and tweet fee. Even if the usage amount is 1,178 thousand yen, ...

If the tweet fee is 4110 yen, the system usage fee is 116 million yen 2780 yen, and the option service is 3000 yen, it was the ordinary people plan light.

Use it systematically.

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