I've tried using "Metric.live" to notify Google Analytics alerts for free by Gmail, Twitter · SMS etc. in real time

When publishing a web page that you made yourself, if it is abnormally higher or lower than the assumed access, there is a possibility that something has happened, and you know the situation in real time It is what I want. If you use Google Analytics, you can not notify real-time alerts, so you need to follow the situation at regular intervals or monitor with different software to check. "Metric.live"In addition to being able to notify alerts in real time, they can notify Gmail, SMS, Twitter and so on. I actually tried using it.

Metric.live: advanced periodic and real-time alerts for Google Analytics

◆ Registration
Please access the above URL and click "GET STARTED FOR FREE" in the center.

As the registration screen is displayed, enter your name in "First Name" and "Last Name", your e-mail address in "Email Address", password to set for "Password" and "Re-type Password", then "accept Check the the Terms & Conditions of use "and click" Let's get Started ".

When registration is completed, you need to link with Google Analytics' account, so click "Connect Google Analytics Account ... ...."

Click "Add Google Analytics Account".

As the Google login screen appears, enter the email address you are using for Google Analytics in "Email address or phone number" and click "Next".

Then enter the password and click "Next".

Finally, click "permit" and registration is completed.

◆ Set alerts
First, to create an alert, click "Manage Alerts" in the upper left corner.

When the alert creation screen appears, click "Create New Alert".

Here, let's try to create an alert to notify in real time if there is even one access. Click "Real-Time Alert".

In "Alert label" enter the label name. Here, enter "information" and scroll down.

The notification condition can be changed with "ALERT TRIGGER", and by default it is set to "notify the alert if the number of active users is more than 0". In addition to "Number of active users", you can select "Number of page views" "Total number of events", and you can specify various conditional expressions. If you have access at least once this time, we will not alter the conditions in order to notify you of the alert.

Notification methods are "Email", "Text Message", "Twitter DM", "Slack"WebhookYou can select "Email", "Text Message", "Twitter DM" here. Next, enter the email address you want to receive notification in "Email Address", mobile phone number (international phone number notation) in "Mobile phone numbers (international format)", Twitter ID in "Twitter handles" "Click.

Ready when "Manage Alerts" screen is displayed.

Next, visit the website you are monitoring with Google Analytics.

Then, the alert notification arrives in the mail ...

Direct message on Twitter ......

SMSNotification arrived in.

In "Metric.live", in addition to real time notification, when selecting "Standard Alert" on the alert creation screen ......

In addition to setting alerts for "Daily", "Weekly", and "Monthly", the value to be measured can also be set as a notification condition, such as "Number of page views", "Number of unique page views", etc. .

When using "Metric.live" for free, the number of alerts that can be set is five, 10 notifications per month by SMS and 9 minutes of real time check checking interval. Notice by SMS is not mandatory, impression that there is no problem even if it is free if there is no problem with the check interval and the number of alerts to be created.

In the "Metric.live" paid plan, the number of alerts that can be set according to the contents of the plan will increase, the number of SMS that can be sent per month will increase, and the interval to check in real time will be short. When it becomes over "Premium" plan, the interval from issuing an alert once to the start of recheck will be 5 minutes. The usage fee is "Plus" plan of 12 dollars a month (about 1300 yen), the "Premium" plan is 29 dollars a month (about 3200 yen), and the "Pro" plan is 79 dollars a month (about 8,800 yen).

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