How comfortably can you print when you replace the printer for the first time in 4 years? I bought "PIXUS MG 6330" and tried it

Since the paper feed of the printer used in the editorial department did not function properly, Canon's "Can replace the ink with a large capacity cartridge can also be used"PIXUS MG 6330(Direct sales price tax included 30,080 yen) "to decide to replace.

The package is as follows.

Comparing the size with "Let's note SX 2" equipped with a 12.1 inch display is like this.


The contents are handling instructions, ink, power cord etc in the main body.

The main body size is 466 × 369 × 148 mm thick, weighs about 8.4 kg. It has a total of 6656 nozzles, and the printing resolution is 9600 × 2400 dpi in width. A4, A5, B5, letter, legal, Western envelope 4/6, long envelope 4 3/4, postcard, postal stroke postcard size paper can be printed, power consumption during copying is about 19 W is.




Bottom side.

A scanner with resolution 2400 x 4800 dpi is mounted on the top.

When opening the paper exit on the front it looks like this.

Compact flash, SD card, Memory Stick, Multi-media card compatible slot included.

On the front side there are two paper feed trays, the top is for cardboard and postcards (40 papers), the bottom is for plain paper (125 papers).

The back panel which can be opened when the paper is clogged is as follows.

Replace the ink by opening the front panel.

The installation location of the ink cartridge looks like this.

This time a special large capacity cartridge "Ink tank BCI - 351 XL (BK / C / M / Y) + BCI - 350 XL Multipack (large capacity)(Around 5200 yen including tax) "purchased.

Contents is like this.

◆ Installing ink cartridges

So, let's install the ink cartridge immediately.

Remove the cover of the cartridge ......

OK if you put it in the installation place of the main body OK. Since the color of the cartridge and the label of the installation location are matched, it is convenient not to fit in the wrong place.

The movie that shows the completion of installation in about 10 seconds can be seen below.

Canon "PIXUS MG 6330" ink cartridge installed - YouTube

When all colors are installed, it looks like this.

Also in the editing department as in the following movie "PIXUS MP 620 (released in the beginning of October 2008 model)" also installed the ink cartridges, as you opened the parts at the top widen the hand to the back As I had to have it, I can understand well that "PIXUS MG 6330" has improved around it.

I installed an ink cartridge in "PIXUS MP 620" - YouTube

The remaining amount of ink after initial setting, cleaning, etc. and making it usable became as follows, and there was nothing to be particularly abnormal decreasing.

◆ Check printing speed

Let's check the printing speed by connecting with a laptop computer with USB.

With all default settings,【PDF】 PIXUS MG 6330 Easy start guideI printed it (4 colors) and it was completed in about 1 minute 35 seconds.

Check printing speed of "PIXUS MG 6330" - YouTube

The settings are as follows and printing is performed as standard.

The same data was printed using "PIXUS MP 620" which was originally in the editorial department, and the required time was about 2 minutes 17 seconds, so that the printing time has been reduced by about 40 seconds in "PIXUS MG 6330" understood. In addition, "PIXUS MP 620" is not a complete comparison under the same conditions because paper feeding of the front paper feed tray is not working properly, because it is doing back feeding.

"PIXUS MP 620" Check printing speed - YouTube

In this case as well, all settings except the paper feeding from the back are default settings.

Also, how much it takes to print one monochrome document on A4, "Free of charge on the Internet"Kernel · Sanders' notebook Japanese version"We decided to print page 23 (the number of pages of the book is 42, 43) in"

The results obtained by actually comparing the average value of 8 times except when measuring with stopwatch, 10 times printing and when it was the first late and the first was the following results.

◆ PIXUS MG 6330: average about 12.18 seconds
(12.2 seconds, 12.3 seconds, 12.1 seconds, 12.1 seconds, 12.2 seconds, 12.0 seconds, 12.1 seconds, 12.5 seconds, 12.1 seconds, 12.3 seconds)

◆ PIXUS MP 620: average about 12.5 seconds
(13.1 seconds, 12.7 seconds, 12: 1 second, 12.4 seconds, 12.5 seconds, 12.3 seconds, 12.5 seconds, 12.2 seconds, 12: 6 seconds, 12: 8 seconds)

So, as a result of trying to replace the printer for the first time in about four years this time, I found that the printing speed is improved with color printing, but with a single monochrome it is not so big difference did. Regarding the image quality when printing sentences and the like on plain paper, there was no dramatic difference as seen by naked eyes, so I want to carry out color printing as fast as possible! It seems to be okay if you replace it.

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