"8p Orihon Maker" that can create and download PDF files for folding just by copying and pasting

Just by copying and pasting the sentences you write yourself a mini sizeFolding bookA service that can create PDF files for "8p Orihon Maker". A folding book can be described up to 8 pages, a maximum of 13,760 characters, it is also possible to change the color of a letter or attach a cover.

8p Orihon Maker - A web service that anyone can easily create folds in PDF

There is an edit button above the text box. From the left, change character color, undo, redo, paste text, screen clear button.

Pressing the color change button will show the color box.

Push the text paste button, a popup window. Paste the text you want to book with Ctrl + V in this text box. Of course it is also possible to type characters directly into the text box.

Click "OK" when pasting. This timeI am a catTo make it in.

It is also possible to change the size of letters. Increasing font size reduces the number of characters per book.

You can also attach an image for the cover.

After that click "GO", the PDF file for folding is downloaded.

There are 8 pages of sentences in the PDF file.

When I print it on A4 paper ......

Like this.

When actually making folds, first cut with the cutter in the middle.

An easy-to-understand illustration is from the following. We will create it by repeating mountain folds and valley folds.

A mountain fold in the middle ... ...

I will put a crease on each page. There is a possibility that paper and printed matter may be misaligned at the time of printing, so if you do not rely on folding lines and divide it exactly into 8 equal parts, it will be clean.

Following the illustration fold the paper into this shape.


A mini size book has been completed for all 8 pages.

Although I'd like to make a book, it is easy to make technology, money, time and even people who can ... I can satisfy the bookbinding desire.

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