"PocketMod" which can make original mini notebook by combining templates

People who smart phones have become popular and have made schedule and memorandum management digitized, but the conventional paper notebook does not have to worry about the remaining battery power that can be seen right away , Such as high readability compared to liquid crystal screen, there are still merits and appeal that are hard to throw away. It is possible to make such a paper notebook with original layout, PC, printer, copy paper onlyPocketMod"is.

PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer

This is the completed form of the pocket size notepad "PocketMod" that you can make yourself. Although it is very small, taking a simple memo or combining various templates described later enables various ways of using it. It might be merit to be able to easily make it at home more than anything else.

PocketMod is a service that you can lay out a notebook on a browser basis, what you need is simply a PC, a printer, a copy sheet, a pair of scissors or a cutter. The way to make the original mini notebook is as follows.

Go to PocketMod's website and click the link "Create a PocketMod" or the icon below.

The PocketMod creation screen is displayed. You can create a notebook of 8 pages by setting the page to the 8 frames displayed on the right side. Since the page number at the time of finishing is written in the frame, it is also possible to make adjustments such as "This is a two-page spread".

Various templates are displayed in the menu on the left. When clicking "Cover", the page which becomes the cover page of the notebook was displayed.

You can also edit the contents by clicking the icon in the upper right.

Drag and drop pages and do page layout.

The template "Lines" is a page that seems easy to use just because a simple line was drawn.

"Large Grid", "Medium Grid", "Small Grid" have all the pages where large and small grid lines are drawn.

"Music Staff Sheet" "Music Tab Sheet" is a staff score and a tablature for guitar. It is safe even when a good melody appears on the go.

We have a wealth of weekly calendars and so on.

Task list

For some reason, the game "Sudoku" template is also available.

I will lay out the page according to my preference. Even if you want to change in the middle, you can replace the page freely because you can overwrite by overlapping another page. If you want to return to blank, put a sheet called "Blank" is OK.

When the layout is decided, click "Print PocketMod!" At the bottom right of the page to print out.

You can print with an ordinary printer.

The output paper is like this.

Since the margin portion becomes unnecessary, it cuts along the outer frame.

After a long absence.

Cut is completed. From here we will finish it into a mini diary with a simple origami procedure.

◆ 01:First, mountain folds in two in the longitudinal direction.

◆ 02:Spread the crest folded now, turn it 90 degrees next time and fold it like two in the same way.

The person who folded it properly makes the finish beautiful.

◆ 03:In the condition as it is folded, lift one piece of paper in front and fold it in two in the opposite side with a valley fold.

◆ 04:Turn over and fold the back side in the same way.

◆ 05:Next, cut with scissors. Put a cut from the center part of the mountain folded in Step 2 to the crease folded in a valley.

A state with a break.

◆ 06:Since the rising part should be broken into two pieces, pull one side toward you and the other side towards the other side.

◆ 07:Flattened to level ......

◆ 08:Fold it to separate the scissors' breaks.

◆ 09:Fold in a cross shape like this ... ...

◆ 10:Finally, attach a crease firmly.

This completes PocketMod.

It is exactly the palm size memo pad.

If you lay out a weekly schedule with a double-page spread, you can check the schedule for 2 weeks at a glance and it is convenient.

Great American in America,Benjamin Franklin"13 virtues" (13 pluses) are kept If you put in a sheet for checking everyday, it helps you check your everyday behavior.

Generic checklist and annual calendar

I put a Sudoku template on the back cover.

Although it is possible to create diverse notebooks only by preparing templates prepared in advance, it is also possible to arrange the "Custom" template to create your own page.

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