Online simultaneous participation type white board "Imagination Cubed"

At the same time we can attend up to 3 people, and we can write together on the online whiteboard together. You can also use graphics tools, stamps, text input, etc. Finally, you can rewind the procedure from the beginning until the completion, from the beginning to play it, or save it. It is quite interesting and useful. It is fun to become disastrous when used in place of chat.

That's why I actually tried using it.
Imagination Cubed

From here to invite friends. You can invite by email or messenger.

Pen etc. can be selected from "TOOLS"

Shapes can be drawn with "SHAPES"

Shape Various

You can draw with this kind of feeling, Gigantic harpoon

Stamped with "STAMPER"

You can choose a variety

Various sizes

Color can also be changed

You can also draw a straight line

You can also type letters by selecting "TYPE"

You can also change the background color

It is also possible to change the background to various patterns

You can save with "FILE" → "SAVE"

By sending the link to the specified e-mail address, saving is completed

You can try a bit of brainstorming, so try it.

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