Why do teenage boys and girls do stupid things like Chubu two diseases?

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It is said that "When you are young you are stupid", but boys and girls take foolish actions not because they prefer risks but accept ambiguity more than adults and what kind of results await I found out that it is for causing behavior to occur even if I do not understand it in a new research.

Risky Business: The Real Reason Teens Do Stupid Things | LiveScience

Agnieszka Tymula of New York University who conducted the research said, "When teenagers know what kind of outcome they are likely to be, and when they have the chance of doing so, teenagers choose risks compared to adults I do not care. " "When teenagers choose more risks, the time is not well understood," Tymula said in a recent study that permission for unknown causes a risky behavior of boys and girls It concluded that it is.


In this study, 33 boys and girls between 12 and 17 years old and 32 adults between 30 and 50 years old were tested, and the subjects were asked to play the game. The content of the game is to choose one of three choices, one of the options to pay 5 dollars and the other to pay 50 dollars or 50 dollars is a probability of 50/50 The choice, the last one is not to pay. At this time, the possibility of getting 50 dollars or not paying anything was between 25% and 75%.

Among the 160 games, when informing the winning percentage in advance, there were few boys and girls who make a risky choice than adults. For example, when the winning percentage is 38%, 50% of the children participated in the bet, 75% of the adults participated in the gambling on the other hand. However, when playing games without notifying the probability of payment, they often participated in gambling.


"This research has shown that boys and girls understand the risk accurately and that they do not want to take risky actions," Tymula said.

It is a non-profit organization that does not participate in the research but analyzes risks and decision-makingDecision ResearchAccording to Paul Slovic, ambiguous situations include elements such as good results, optimism and hope, and where gamble with uncertain outlook of results is instantly linked to an optimistic thought without consideration , The game with a winning percentage of 50/50 suppresses hope and reduces positive feelings of boys and girls in respect of paying a lot of money.

However, Frank Farley, teaching educational psychology at Temple University, said, "Although this conclusion is quite interesting, it can not be said that accurate verification was done because the range of action is narrow and the number of samples is small In other words, it is difficult to generalize by this alone. " In addition, although adults and children have different values ​​of money, Farley pointed out that this experiment has not adjusted that point in this experiment.

Mr. Tymula continued this research to clarify what ambiguous risks in the span of life and what actions are clearly known about the risks and how human beings respond to the risk biologically , That he wants to associate that with the function of the brain. However, at this stage, I am planning to use this research in such a way as to let the boys and girls run simulations to reduce drunk driving.

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