Perseverance to knock down the timing of paying backwards links to 'ability to earn'

Obtained an even greater reward if delayed by the timing if the reward is obtained, is "patience" and "self-control" of under the condition that, shown to lead to a future of social and economic success of children " Marshmallow · Test "is known. Research that reinforces this marshmallow test, "Resistance to momentary remuneration has a correlation with potential" ability to earn "has been announced.

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The marshmallow test conducted by Dr. Walter Michelle at Stanford University gives the children "I will give you this marshmallow, if you can endure eating for 15 minutes before I come back, I will give one more marshmallow, and if I eat, there is no second one "and the condition of" strength of self-control "" strength of self-control "was measured," As children with strong self- It is very easy to succeed in the future "that led to a shocking conclusion that attracted a lot of attention.

However, it is controversial about the conclusion of the marshmallow test, and in recent years it is lacking in reproducibility, and opinions that deny the conclusion have also been issued.

"Marshmallow Experiment" that the self-control of children affects the future fails to reproduce, "economic and social environment" that gives greater influence than self-control is GIGAZINE

Research teams such as Dr. William Hampton of the University of Graz studied how "the ability to delay the time to receive compensation" (ie self-discipline) has relevance to the income level.

In the experiment, 3,000 subjects from 25 years old to 65 years old were asked to answer by a questionnaire about age, occupation, education, place of residence, gender, race, ethnic group and so on. And about the "self-discipline" which is the key to the marshmallow test, after showing the precondition that "you get a reward of 500 dollars (about 55,000 yen) at this place", " I asked for questions with additional conditions that you can receive 1000 dollars (about 110,000 yen) if delayed. Regarding the period of delaying remuneration, we set five patterns of "1 day" "1 week" "1 month" "half year" "1 year".

Then, if the subject chooses to "receive reward immediately," if you choose to halve the amount of remuneration you earn and re-ask the question and "choose to receive more rewards by delaying" , The immediate remuneration amount was changed to an intermediate value of 1000 dollars and the question was repeated. For example, if the subject chooses $ 1,000 for the question "Is it 500 dollars right now, or 1000 dollars a week later?", If the subject chooses 1000 dollars, "500 dollars now or 750 dollars a week later", 500 dollars If you choose, your question will be changed to "250 dollars now or 1000 dollars a week". I changed the question in this way, and the amount to converge ultimately was examined.

Dr. Hampton believes that this smaller convergence value tends to prefer immediate remuneration, that is to say that the ability to delay reward is low, and on the contrary the higher the convergence value is, the higher the ability to delay reward is, which is the self-control of the marshmallow test We measure the ability.

When comparing the ability of Dr. Hampton to delay the compensation based on the convergence value and the income obtained from the questionnaire, the same result as the marshmallow test is obtained that the higher the ability to delay the compensation, the higher the income tends to be It is said that it was. In addition, it seems that the ability to delay the timing of receiving compensation also has a strong relationship with "income" rather than "age" "race" "height".

"Many people know that work and education is important (for income), but few people think that" the ability to delay satisfaction "is important," he says, being patient is the economy We believe it may lead to successful success.

Please note that this experiment is conducted only for Americans and is geographically limited and it is completely unknown about the direction of causality between perseverance and economic power It is said that.

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