A research result that the "child not happy" has a high possibility of depression will be announced

ByTony Alter

Christmas and birthdays may be the best moon waiting for many gifts for children to receive. However, not all kids show pleasure for presents, some children are not pleased. New research results have announced that there are possibilities for depression that children who are not very happy should have experienced something fun, not limited to gifts.

Depressed children respond differently to rewards than other kids - Science Bulletin

Studies using electroencephalogram measurement reveal that children who were clinically judged as depressed in medical graduate school in Washington University in St. Louis have "less reaction (pleasure) with respect to compensation" than healthy children did. "The facts revealed in this study may help us to understand how young children with depression treat emotions in the brain," said Washington UniversityEarly Emotional Development ProgramServe as director atJoan RubyHe is.

Mr. Joan who is studying the development of children's emotion, "People feel" joy "when they receive some kind of compensation, such as toys and gifts, and" joy "experienced once gains further compensation and success However, it is dangerous that this process will be blunted in the early stages of growth (early childhood) (it is depressed and the process of joy becomes different from healthy one) It is a concern because it is possible that how you feel joy may affect even "how you tackle the tasks that people can receive compensation" from the age. " I will.

The results of this research areJournal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryIt will be announced in the December 2016 issue. Andrew C. Berden, who is the first author of the thesis and associate professor of child psychiatry, said, "The symptoms that the brain is less responsive to reward are teenagers and adults of a wide range of age groups It was confirmed in the brain of a patient with depression.In this study, I was interested in the symptoms that the brain will show a dull response to the remuneration, and I was interested in preschool children and I did research And in fact the same reaction was seen in the young child 's brain.This discovery found out that people with depression can show similar reactions in many neural reactions "I tell you.

ByRichard Leeming

In the study, 84 subjects aged 3 to 7 who were clinically diagnosed with depression were the subjects, Joan andPsychological & Brain SciencesMr. Diianna Birch who is the section chief, and Gregory Kauchi who is a professor in the field of psychiatry at the medical department are doing therapy and electroencephalogram scanning. During electroencephalogram scanning, children are wearing a visual device like a shower cap on their heads, and it seems that the electrical response of the brain was measured using this device.

During electroencephalogram scanning, children who became subjects are playing simple computer games. This game is very simple, when you select one of the two doors displayed on the screen and open one of the doorsPoint addsAnd when you open the otherReduced pointsIt has become a mechanism. In the past it seems that similar tests were conducted under the condition that "If you earn points you get cash if you earn points" for the teenagers and adults, but since the subject was a young child in this study, cash payment Instead of choosing the right door a sufficient number of times, I can get a toy and stimulate the motivation of the subject by showing what kind of toys I will be able to play before the experiment.

As a result of this experiment, when I lost points I know that the brain responses of clinical depressed children and healthy children were similar. On the other hand, the responses when choosing a door that gains points are different between the two, and it turns out that the response of the brain of children with depression is obviously dull compared to the reaction of healthy children. "The brain wave survey found that the brains of children with depression were obviously less responsive to the pleasurable event of choosing the right door," said Andrew, author of the paper. .

Furthermore, Mr. Andrew said, "The brains of depressed children do not respond excessively to make the wrong choice because the brain's response at the time of failure is due to the presence of depressed children and healthy children I understand from the fact that it does not change between us.The "difference" clarified in our survey was only responses to compensation. "

Mr. Joan and Mr. Andrew 's next research goal seems to find a way to treat brains that have become less responsive to remuneration. "(If it finds a treatment method, it might be standardized), it may not be the case," Joan said.

In addition, if very young children do not show pleasure in toys such as toys and gifts, this means that children can be regarded as being depressed or a sign that tends to be. Also, if such a condition persists, it is suggested that parents should consult a pediatrician. "There are risks that children who have excessive guilt consciousness to their own actions and children who have sudden changes in sleep and appetite can become depressed. If they are constantly sad or irritated If it is not motivated or not, this is a signature that is depressed, but this applies not only to adults but also to young children between 3 and 4 years old, and such reactions are seen in children Parents should evaluate their children firmly, "Joan says.

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