Obviously that many of the intellectual disorders are caused by mutation of genes, not inheritance

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There are 1 to 3% children with intellectual disabilities in the world, half of them born from parents who do not have intellectual disabilities. Until now, the main cause of intellectual impairment has been thought to be heredity, but new research suggests that children with intellectual disabilities with parents without intellectual impairment from parentsrecessiveIt was found that there were many cases due to random mutations that newly occurred in children's genes, rather than inheriting the gene.

Range of genetic mutations associated with severe non-syndromic sporadic intellectual disability: an exome sequencing study: The Lancet

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This research was conducted mainly by Anita Rauch of the University of Zurich in Switzerland and it is the first step to understand the root cause of intellectual disability. Intellectual disability records IQ 70 or less, which is a big problem in terms of health, but understanding the cause should help in developing new therapies.

People do not inherit everything from their parents, they have accidental changes in DNA that parents do not see, such as parts of DNA being deleted or replicated, and genes of newly occurring mutations born. In many cases, such changes do not affect people as much as it does not occur in important parts of the genes, but in some cases they affect seriously the development of cognition, which is serious Sometimes it can cause a result. In this study, I found that most of the sporadic intelligence development is caused by unfortunate coincidence, not inheritance.

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Anita Rauch's 51 children with intellectual disabilities with IQ 50 or less resultsExosome sequence analysis(A method of reading deficiency of exosome which is a subset of DNA), and compared these with those of their parents without intellectual impairment. At this time, we also performed exosome sequence analysis on 20 children without intellectual impairment and compared them with exosomes of the parents of the children.

As a result, compared to children without intellectual impairment, children with intellectual impairment were found to have slightly new mutations.NatureIn the magazine recently, it was announced that the age of the father greatly influences the number of new mutations, and new mutations found in children with intellectual impairment are considered to be the reason that their fathers were older But more importantly, what part of the children's DNA is causing new mutations.


"Children with intellectual disabilities have more new mutations than children who do not, but more importantly, there are many accidental mutations that have serious consequences," Rauch said I talked. Novel mutations were found in 11 genes associated with mental retardation and 6 genes that could be causing disability were also found in 55% of subjects.

Researchers speculate that the role of other genes affected by mutation has yet to be elucidated, so that the intellectual disorder caused by the novel mutation can be over 55% . Before this research was announced, heredity was thought to be a major cause of intellectual disability, but this result is a small number of cases where parents inherit incomplete mutation genes from children Says Andre 'Reis of Carls College in Germany who is coauthor, says.


This will be on September 27LancetMr. Reis said to the magazine that "research in the future must tackle the elucidation of the exact mechanism underlying the defects of various genes, and it is certainly a matter of discovering new treatments It should be connected. "

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