Children raised with corporal punishment tend to be delayed in growth

It is pointed out that the corporal punishment received in early childhood can cause big scratches as well as mental as well as physical. In a study conducted in the Dominican Republic, it is clear that children receiving corporal punishment are delayed in their development of social adaptability, language ability, motor skills, and so on.

Parenting Practices and Associations with Development Delights among Young Children in Dominican Republic - Annals of Global Health

Study Finds Spanked Children Are More Likely To Have Developmental Delays | IFLScience

According to a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), in low- and middle-income countries, more than 200 million children have the problem of "developmental delays" (growth retardation) where development is delayed. Although it is a growth retardation that seems to correlate with a low income, there is also a view that "corporal punishment" in child rearing is related, there is also a view that environmental factors that cause growth retardation are clarified, and the world Research is progressively pursued.

Meanwhile, a survey was conducted on the environmental factors affecting the growth retardation of 74 pairs of guardians and their children who attend the development support facility for children aged 6 months to 60 months in the Dominican Republic La Romana. As a method to investigate the developmental situation of children, it is common practice in developing countriesMalawi Development Assessment Tool (MDAT)By checking skills according to age using a tool called "social adaptability, exercise ability, language ability" development status is being investigated.

According to the survey, it was found that 64.8% of the children, which is about two-thirds, had growth retardation with at least one element. The lack of development was conspicuous in "social adaptability" corresponding to 32.4%, "fine exercise ability" corresponding to 31%, and in particular, 62% of all growth retarded children concerned with "language ability" It is a remarkable result.

Next, when examining how to raise children who had growth retardation, 44% of parents used spanking (physical body punishment such as butt knockdown) and 43% used reprimand (mental body punishment) I understood that it was. Therefore, as a result of investigating the degree of influence of these "corporal punishment" in detail, 54.5% of parents of parents who train in spanking had a delay in language ability, but they were subjected to spanking discipline A significant difference appeared that 21.9% of children had no children. In addition, the delay in social adaptability is seen in 40.6% of reproached children, while there is a significant difference such that only 20.6% have no reprimand. Although not included in "corporal punishment" in this survey, the less active involvement by children in kids, such as kissing, embracing and buying toys, the greater the proportion of growth retardation in social adaptability is high It has also been confirmed.

In this survey, it was confirmed that physical and mental physical punishment tends to cause child's developmental delay. However, since the number of children samples is very small (60 people), it is thought that further investigation that expanded the scale is necessary.

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