Successful shooting movie at the moment the strong wind of typhoon 17 hits the car and the car is blown away

The Typhoon No. 17 which wrested over the weekend was characterized by tremendous strong winds and gusts, but the moment when the car is blown away is recorded in the movie shot by overseas people in Okinawa, uploaded to YouTube It is open to the public.

Typhoon Let Cars Fly - YouTube

In the typhoon, I can not go outside, while taking a picture from the inside. There are already many cars out of the original parking position.

And, it should be worth noting. As soon as I thought I heard a tremendous wind ... ...


Going to the right of the screen, I will blow off at the explosion speed as if it were being pulled by something


I will further rush up the place where the back of the back is rising further

An occasion

In addition, although you can understand by watching the movie, the photographer is crying as "holy shit!" "Holy shit !!" "holy shit !!!" and is excited excitedly

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