I tried using the capture board "Live Gamer HD" that allows full HD game play recording without imposing a load on the CPU

When inputting output signal from graphic card, video capture board which can record and record the same contents video at the same time while outputting it to display with pass-through is "Live Gamer HD AVT-C 985(Tax included 10,980 yen) ". In addition to being able to record play movies such as games operated on PCs, it is possible to capture anything as long as it can output HDMI, such as "Xbox 360" (HDCP not supported). Moreover, since the preview screen is output completely with pass-through, the delay is not pear. Furthermore, since it is possible to record a 1080p game screen at 30 fps, because the encoding of the moving picture is done on the board, it plays with high-spec games which require almost full load on the CPU and require full use of the PC capability Recording is possible without decreasing the processing capability even when it is done.

◆ Photo review

The package looks something like this.

The inner box is like this.


In addition to the capture board, the contents include cables and CD for installation.

It is about this size when you put the body on your hand.

The back side looks like this.

It has HDMI and audio input / output.

A dedicated button is included that allows you to start movie recording with one push when connected with a PC via USB.

Distribution service that can be used for game commentary etc.XSplit BroadcasterCoupon that comes with free 3 month free will come with you.

◆ I installed it

I decided to insert a board into the desktop machine like this.

Remove the screw ... ....

Open the side panel.

Free PCI Express 2.0 slot × 1 required.

Just insert the board into the slot and you can.

When recording a game playing on PC, it is OK to set up like this.

Basically, it is configured that the HDMI cable which was connected to the display is inserted in the capture board and the HDMI cable etc. connected to the output of the capture board is connected to the display.

This time, it is output from the DVI to the capture board and is output from the capture board with the HDMI cable. In this case, you need to connect the audio output cable.

You can also record screens by inserting a notebook PC or "Xbox 360" into the capture board via HDMI.

In this case, insert the HDMI cable connected to the notebook PC to the input of the capture board and the HDMI cable connected to the display to the output OK.

◆ Installation of dedicated software

When installing the included CD into the drive the installer will launch so click "Install AVerMedia RECentral"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Please check and click "Install"

Click "Finish"

The screen at startup is as follows

Click "Record" and press the center red button to enter the standby state. In this state, if you press "F7" on the keyboard, recording starts immediately

Detailed setting is possible by clicking "Recording" for "expert users"

You can set the resolution, frame rate, etc. to your preference.

If you are using an ATI graphics board and the screen resolution does not match and a black border appears around the display, you need to select "Scaling Options" from "Catalyst Control Center" and set it to 0% .

◆ I tried to record

Live Gamer HD AVT-C 985The images that actually recorded using the following are as follows.

Even when recording with full HD is not dropped frames. Also, since the load to the CPU does not increase almost, it is possible to play games comfortably.

I recorded "Call of Duty 4" with "Live Gamer HD AVT-C 985" - YouTube

There is no problem even if you record racing games and other fast background moves.

"Split Seconds" recorded with "Live Gamer HD AVT-C 985" - YouTube

You can also record Skype video calls etc. as follows.

I recorded a Skype video call with "Live Gamer HD AVT-C985" - YouTube

That's why it's possible to connect not only to PC but also to home game machines, so you can record movies with one button so if you want to record and distribute your own high-quality play with PC Recommended product.

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