Compact digital camera "DSC-RX 1" exterior photo review with image sensor equivalent to single lens reflex

No matter how high the performance of the compact digital camera is, there are restrictions that the main body must be made compact, so cameras equipped with a 35 mm full size CMOS image sensor as used in single lens reflex cameras have been released so far I could not do it. However, as Sony's top-level model of Cyber-shot"DSC-RX 1" equipped with 35 mm full size CMOS image sensor for the first time in the worldWe decided to release.Sony storeSo I was going to see it because I was able to see the appearance of something I can not take in my hand.

World's First "35% Full-size CMOS Image Sensor" Cyber-shot "Top-Level Model | Press Release | Sony

This is DSC-RX 1. I installed the lens hood and optical viewfinder of optional accessories.

Looks like a digital single lens camera that is increasing nowadays, the main body is very compact.

There is a mode dial etc. on the front of the main unit.

Since the optical viewfinder is attached, it may feel that the upper surface of the main body sticks a bit.

Extra fine liquid crystal of 3.0 type on the back. It is high brightness and high definition, it is bright and easy to see monitor even outdoors.

There is only the name "compact digital camera" is mentioned, the main body is petit from the side. If it says that a full size sensor is included in this, it will likely be realized in other con ...

This is an optional jacket case

Optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder

Movie shooting corresponds to 1920 × 1080 / 60P. In addition, there is only a full size machine and the assumed price is around 250,000 yen. A normal single lens reflex camera is huge and heavy, and there are places where it is difficult to use in taking out to the town easily, but some people think that if you are in this size you want to hand out full size aircraft.

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Sony's DSC-RX 1 with full size sensor in the palm-sized body Actual machine review - GIGAZINE

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