A summary of the especially amusing in shark scenes of sharks appearing in the movie

Huge sharks attack the peaceful beach "Jaws」Was published in 1975, panic movies with sharks as themes, sharks with human intelligence, ancient monster sharks, gigantic sharks with two heads, etc. Variations were made and various things were made Although it is a scene of such a shark attack of such a movie, I collected particularly amazing things "The Best Shark Attacks In Movies"is.

The Best Shark Attacks In Movies - YouTube

Between the two who enjoy water skiing ... ...

A sudden appearing hugeTwo sharks

I was swallowed in quickly ...

nextRed Water / Shark HellFrom. A man who swims in the sea with a pumpkin

I have a bundle in my hands

And, looking beside ......

The sharp shark

I got drunk without any chance to fight back

Jaws 2From Helicopter pilot

I do not notice any sharks coming from the other side of the window

I bite the floating ring

The pilot who finally noticed panicked

However, when the time has already passed, the helicopter will sink slowly into the ocean

A shark is opening a big mouth from under the lifeboat

It has just been barely finished in a blink of an eye

Two sharks lined up under the water ... ...

It jumps out vigorously

Splashes with Basha

And ...

Blood will rain

"Why ... ...."Be extinguishedWhen……

I will be bitten by the side from the side

Women who enjoy bungee jumping ......

Neoplasm that shark and octopus have been multipliedShark topassI will be baked down

A singer who winks with a click before you start singing a song

And there ... ...

Sharks will bite from the side

The venue panic in splashing blood splashes

A shark's head appears from the surface of the water ......

It attacks people with tremendous leap

Again Shark Attack 3

I will fall to the mouth of Shibori and sharks

A man is trying to raise a diver while shouting

However, under the sea the blood sea

I was doing it.

Lovers who get along in the ocean

However, without such a thing, the shark attacks without mercy

A shark that keeps eating at the feet of Batman

Robin will try hard to raise it ... ...

I am sticking with the catch

A man to relax in an airplane

Glance glance at the other side of the window ... ...


Behind the window the appearance of a shark jumping over

The plane shakes greatly

It was a serious thing to see from the outside

To open a big mouth ...

Gigantic eating sharkJaws

I am swallowing the lower body.

A man with a smile ......

In a blink of an eye it gets dyed in the color of fear

I will release my hands from the handles of the water bike and flutter in a panic ... ...

I entered the mouth of the shark and spotted

The reason why you are stuck with the Golden Gate BridgeMega · Shark VS Giant OctopusofMegarodon

The bridge shakes greatly ...

It will be destroyed

deep blueA scene where men chose members to break up in a group of

"Now we should consider ways to cooperate and go out with everyone!"

And a shark attacks me from the side saying

It is firmly bite ......

I was dragged into the water

But human beings are not losing, either. This isShark Night 3DMen with Mori in hand

Dino SharkA man riding a water bike on ... ...


There is an ancient shark "Dino Shark" in front of you

What I threw ...


I will fly towards Dino Shark

And an explosion

This shoots while crying "I hate sharks a lot!"

Men who were holding Mori in Shark Night 3D also counterattack

Shoot and shoot sharks

Batman ....

I was able to escape from sharks

To the imminent shark ......


Brilliant hit

I will give you a champagne for pleasure

That's why he said "I am okay" with confidence ....

Because I will be attacked, I can not take care of them

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