Also in Japan Sony's new lens style camera "ILCE-QX 1" "DSC-QX 30" Release date & price determination

You can use Sony's E mount compatible lensLens style camera "ILCE-QX 1And "30 times optical zoom possible"DSC-QX 30"Already on sale"DSC-QX 10"The new color and so on are decided to be sold also in Japan, the release date and market estimated price are revealed.

Release of 2 lens-style cameras including models with large APS-C image sensor | Press Release | Sony

"ILCE-QX1" is a lens-interchangeable lens style camera equipped with an APS-C size (23.2 mm × 15.4 mm) Exmor CMOS image sensor of the same size as a lens interchangeable digital single lens. To use it requires a lens for Sony E mount, weighs about 216 grams including battery and Memory Stick Micro, about 158 ​​grams for body only. The size is 74 mm in width × 69.5 mm in height × 52.5 mm in depth, effective number of pixels is about 2010 million pixels. P (Program Auto), A (Aperture Priority), S (Shutter Speed ​​Priority) can be used for shooting modes, and RAW images and JPEG images of original data without digital processing can be saved at the same time.

This is "ILCE - QX 1".

The release date is October 10, 2014, the estimated market price is 36,000 yen.

"ILCE-QX 1 L" is "ILCE-QX 1" and "E PZ 16-50 mm F 3.5-5.6 OSSModel to sell in sets.


Flash Mode


When attached to a smartphone and used it is like this.

Of course the lens is removable.

The release date is October 10, 2014, the market estimated price is 51,000 yen.

◆ DSC-QX30
"DSC-QX30" is a lens style camera equipped with optical 30 × zoom and full pixel super resolution 60 × zoom function. It has realized a wide photographing range from wide angle 24 mm to telephoto 720 mm and also equipped with optical vibration reduction function, so you can shoot with reduced blur even at high magnification zoom. The body weight is about 193 grams with the battery and Memory Stick Micro attached, about 178 grams only for the main body, the size is 68.4 mm width × height 65.1 × depth 57.6 mm.



When wearing a smartphone

The release date is October 10, 2014, the market estimated price is 44,000 yen.

It will look like this when aligning all the lens style cameras released this time with the lens style cameras that are currently on sale. ILCE - QX 1 L, DSC - QX 30, DSC - QX 100 from the upper left. All in line at the bottom is DSC - QX10, the pink DSC - QX10 lined up here is also released as a new color on October 10, and the market estimated price is 24,000 yen.

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