A photo frame "Instacube" that can display pictures taken with Instagram in real time

Digital photo frames usually need to record taken pictures in flash memory etc. and transfer the data,InstagramYou can transfer photos taken with smartphones wirelessly and copy them in the photo frame in real time is "Instacube". You do not have to download the application or set up a complicated setup, you can play pictures taken with a big screen for easy viewing, not a small screen on the smartphone.

Instacube: A Living Canvas for your Instagram Photos by D2M | Design to Matter - Kickstarter

The movie is from the following.

I designed it.D2MJohn Whaley of the design office.

Instacube is a 600 x 600 digital photo frame.

It adopts ARM processor, 4GB flash memory · Wi-Fi installed, touch screen type, works with lithium-ion battery.

Moreover, OS adopts Android.

At the bottom right of the screen is a logo.

No troublesome setting work is required when using, just connect to your home wireless network, just log in with your Instagram account.

Pictures taken with a smartphone using Instagram ......

You can wirelessly transfer and display on the Instacube photo frame.

Having it in your hands like this. Compared to small screens on smartphones, it has become a size that can display pictures firmly.

Pictures taken are displayed on the screen in real time.

It is also possible to play only specific pictures with a hash tag stream

Even if you can not go to a birthday party, you can present photos and play them on the spot.

As a substitute for a beautiful picture in the house, you can decorate it at any time.

The operation is simple, there are only three buttons at the top of the main unit. The round button on the front is the power button.

Button in the middle button to switch between photo and feed screen

You can also display only the photos registered as "Like" using the "like" heart-shaped button

While Instacube is currently recruiting equity investment for commercialization, Classic design can get by equity investment of 149 dollars (about 12,000 yen). It is also possible to increase the number of products that can be raised by increasing the contribution amount.

Also, since the investment amount exceeded 400,000 dollars (about 31 million yen), white and black Instacube was also made.

If the investment reaches 500 thousand dollars, not only Instagram but Instacube corresponding to Facebook photo will be made. The deadline is Japan time on Saturday, September 22, at 9 AM.

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