All-in-one kit with an open source board that makes it easy to build a robot self-made "Multipro"

"Multipro" is an open source robot assembly kit that can be used for teaching materials and experiments to learn robot engineering from moving by playing self-made robot with radio control car sense.

Multiplo Robot Building System

Actually using this kit, the robots moving in various forms have been released on YouTube, and you can see various variations from the 4-leg type to the one with the notebook PC on top I will.

Cool Robots - Multiplo - YouTube

Robot arm sandwiching cookie-like objects.

It has two arms and moves with wheels.

Below are the ones designed to operate with smartphone.

It is also possible to manufacture cranes that can be operated on Mac.

Looking at the four legged robot from above, it looks like this.

A car robot running around with a notebook PC on top.

It has wheels in a polygonal body.

Rotating tremendously.

It will seem to be able to change direction automatically as it moves in the room and hits the wall.

Even a machine with legs attached to a gigantic robot hand which I do not know well what shape is any longer possible can be made based on this kit.

The yellow box that blasts on the desk is also a robot made with "Multipro".

Assembly instructions are for the projectwebsiteDownloadable from.

It is likely to be easy to understand the contents even at beginners even with a comprehensive explanation of assembly of a commercially available plastic model in which photographs are frequently used.

The part for controlling the operation is an open source board "Arduino(Arduino) "has become the basis, equipped with USB port, microphone, on / off switch and so on.

Also, programming of the operation can be performed graphically with a sense like combining blocks if using specialized software, so there is no problem even if you can not write complicated code.

In addition, the projectCloud FundingWe are looking for investors on the support site Kickstarter.

Multiplo: Create Your Own Robot by Multiplo LLC - Kickstarter

When you invest in this project, you can receive robot production kit etc. which became one package as follows according to the amount.

In addition, it is from the minimum 5 dollars (around 400 yen) that you can invest in, and if you issue more than $ 139 (about 11 1120 yen) you get a full kit for beginners with 1 robot completed. The deadline is 5:35 AM (Japan time) on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

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