Kit "MOSS" to make a steerable robot by freely combining small dice blocks

Combining dice-shaped parts with snappy with a crackle, a self-made ROBO kit where various types of robots can be assembled freely like a LEGO block is "MOSSIt is Moss.

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What kind of robot can be made with Moss from the following movie.

Move like a ropeway and deliver letters.

MOSS String Crawler Robot - YouTube

A robot that moves in the direction of light.

MOSS Light Sensor Robot - YouTube

Change the direction of travel each time a sound is heard.

MOSS Microphone Controlled Robot - YouTube

A robot that moves along a wall.

MOSS Wall Following Robot - YouTube

The step is tottering.

MOSS Climber Robot - YouTube

A robot that sends cards in a movement like a card reader.

MOSS - The Reader

MOSS - Dynamic Robot Construction System Kickstarter Launch - YouTube

"Moss is a robot kit that can be easily made from adults to children by attaching dice-shaped parts," said co-founder Mark Gross.

It seems that I am very glad that I can see the children playing happily with moss.

The robot the boy plays is ... ...

I spin around spinning out light.

Moss was developed over two and a half years.

Moss' s Roboparts are all manufactured at our own factory in Colorado.

The reason not to outsource the production of parts to factories such as China is to protect the secrecy in development, and to reflect the intentions of creators in the parts soon.

Moss creates robots by attaching dice-shaped parts with magnets.

A car type robot was born.

Robots can be steered with smartphones.

For Moss's dice parts, microcomputer and motor etc are incorporated complicated ... ...

Dice is a simple style that can be magnet connected without using wires.

A metal ball which is a quince sticking each part of the mossneodymiumIt has become a powerful magnet made by ... ...

At the junction the metal ball fulfills the role of a joint.

If you connect with the corners of a dice, it becomes a joint that can be rotated in all directions ......

If you stick around by the edge you become a hinge ......

If it sticks in the plane it will be united.

By using other metals such as cobalt and chrome ......

You can exchange power and data at the same time by using the adhesion surfaces of the dice.

Depending on the way of sticking, the robot that moves while rotating ... ...

A robot that moves like a caterpillar ... ...

Robots grabbing things ... ...

You can make various types of robots such as a robot that rotates with exquisite balance.

A Bluetooth module is also available for Moss's dice ... ...

Remote control becomes possible by incorporating it in the robot.

Ian Bernstein, Technical Director, says Moss, a product of a beautiful integration of hardware and software, as "super cool."

Currently, software capable of steering robots made by moss with smartphones and tablets is under development.

It seems that it aims at software which can not easily input data and can easily program the movement of the robot easily from the dashboard.

We are also developing various applications for mobile terminals to control robots made by moss. The mobile application "MOSS Control" can remotely control the Moss robot using eight sliders, "MOSS Sketch"Etch-a-SketchYou can draw a picture using ". In addition, "MOSS Log" which can record data of Moss robot and can analyze data, "MOSS Dashboard" which can steer Moss robot using cursor and mobile terminal tilt sensor has been developed. Both applications are compatible with both iOS and Android, scheduled for release in February 2014.

A self-made Robo Kit "Moss" that can make various forms of robots by combining dice is now looking for investment in Kickstarter, and is currently investing about 59 dollars (about 6070 yen) for a Simple Starter kit for $ 99 Basic Builder kit and original T - shirt can be obtained by 10,200 yen). In addition, with a contribution of 299 dollars (about 30,800 yen), designersHuck GeeMr. Design's "Shogun Tank" model and original T-shirt will be able to get the Advanced Builder kit and original T-shirt of the automobile type robot with Bluetooth control function for $ 379 (about 39,000 yen).

Advance Moss ProjectModular RoboticsThe company has commercialized a robot kit series of the same concept "Cubelets" that can create robots that shine, roll, move various movements by combining dice-shaped parts, and this normalization of Cubelets The shape is said to be moss.

Moss project has already succeeded in acquiring investment more than three times as much as the target investment amount of 100,000 dollars (about 10.3 million yen), and project leader Eric Shwaiker has investment of 564,000 When it reaches the dollar (about 58 million yen), you can use "MOSS Flash" software which can program for Moss robot in C language of beginner level and program languageScratchWe promised the release of "MOSS Scratch" software which can program Moss robot movement using.

The deadline for the Moss Project is 3:00 AM on December 12, Japan time.

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