Inexpensive crane "Cardboard Robot" made of cardboard that can also mount a smartphone

Speaking of heavy machine cranes, expensive and ordinary people can not purchase easily, but small cranes with reduced cost by using cardboard as a materialCardboard Robot"Has appeared. In addition to carrying things with claws, you can take pictures in a mood like a movie director with a smartphone attached. Furthermore, by customizing the program, it is possible to make it move as expected by you.

Cardboard Robot: open smart phone camera crane & robotic arm by Ken Ihara - Kickstarter

The Cardboard Robot - Kickstarter

Next to Mr. Ken Ihara who created it is "Cardboard Robot". The material is cardboard, so that the arm can reach up to about 6 feet (about 1.8 meters).

It is possible to lift if things up to 325 grams by three claws at the tip ......

If it is this stuffed animal you can carry it.

The movement of the arm can be recorded, it is possible to repeat exactly the same exactly exactly.


You can also install a smartphone by attaching an attachment.

With this, you can shoot from the viewpoint of the grounds skew with smartphones.

George LucasIt might be possible to take pictures with powerful like such as easily.

In addition to scrolling horizontally, you can also move it up and down.

Since the repeat function is attached, there is no problem even in the case of doing a shoot again in any chance.

The software for moving "Cardboard Robot" is installed via USB, which you can also change programs yourself, for example to adjust the speed of the motor. Since the created program can be saved as a CSV file, it can be edited in Excel. It also has the possibility to move cnc machines and 3D printers.

Current"KickstarterWe are seeking investment on ", but we have already reached the target of 10,000 dollars. The recruitment continues on local time until August 20, and you can get a crane kit or a kit on which a smartphone can be attached at $ 175 (about 14000 yen).

Shipping is scheduled for Christmas this year, and in some cases it may be a little earlier.

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