Desktop-sized miniature robot arm that can be steered with a mouse or smartphone "uArm"

"Robot arm"Can perform complex work accurately on behalf of humans, it is used not only in the manufacturing industry but also in outboard operation in space. I made a compact miniature to put such a robot arm on the desk "UArm"is.

UArm: Put a Miniature Industrial Robot Arm on Your Desk by UFactory - Kickstarter

You can check how the uArm works correctly and how to steer it with the following movie.

UArm Desk Robot || KickStarter. - YouTube

UArm is a compact miniature robot arm that can be used on a desk.

The main body is two types of wooden and acrylic. There are two types of arm tip, scissor type (right and left) and suction type (middle), respectively.

UArm is an industrial robot arm "ABB IRB 460"It is developed with the model as a model, and smooth and accurate operation is possible.

Each part is laser cut and very accurate.

Various operations are realized by servo for radio control.

Have the power to lift canned juice with contents ......

It can operate accurately enough to grab a small bottle cap.

Piloting can be done easily with the mouse using software for Windows, and fine work can be done without difficulty.

For example, open the box of the smartphone ...

He gently lift the smartphone and gently put it ......

Take out the inside of the partition and insoles paper as well ......

Accessories are also well separated ... ....

Transfer water from cup to cup with 2 uArms, too, please do the work of a tea girl.

Also, if you change the program, other controllers ......

Piloting with a smartphone is also possible.

In addition, uArm changes in various forms depending on remodeling. For example, if you attach an LED light to the tip of the arm, it becomes a desk stand which can change the range to be illuminated finely ... ...

If you change the base (foundation) to the robot chassis, you can move around and work as well.

Ringing the xylophone ......

Homework is also possible ... ... maybe.

UArm, laser cut body parts and ... ...

It can be easily assembled with bolts and nuts.

Ball bearings are used for various parts, realizing accurate and smooth movement.

The base part has a suction cup in addition to the weight that can support the main body, it can be fixed firmly to a desk or the like.

UArm has a microcomputer board "ArduinoIt is built in and it is possible to remember various movements.

The range of motion is also set very wide.

The tip of the arm is interchangeable, there are degrees of freedom to install the original parts besides scissor type and suction type.

The software that pilots uArm is open source, and it will be released in May 2014. If you remember it in your arms, you can also create a program to make uArm complicated operation.

Desktop-sized miniature robot arm uArm that can perform accurate work by mouse operation is a cloud funding serviceKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. It is a huge hit project to earn over 100,000 dollars (about 10 million yen) or more at the moment at the moment of leaving more than a month to the project deadline for setting the target price of 5000 dollars (about 500,000 yen).

The uArm project was launched in a group of young robot creators based in Shenzhen, ChinaUFactory"We have a purpose that we want many people to know the wonder of robot technology by marketing uArm at a cheaper price by commercializing uArm by procuring funds with the uArm project. "We would like to contribute to the spread of robot technology by publishing open source software of uArm even when the project failed to collect even if we could not collect target amount", but we have declared that procurement of funds We have succeeded.

UFactory is currently developing a dedicated application that can control uArm from a mobile terminal, and the application will be compatible with iOS · Android. At the same time as developing the application, we plan to release an improved version of uArm that allows more complicated operation.

In the uArm project, a scissors type uArm kit kit with a contribution of $ 185 (about 19,000 yen), a set of suction type uArm kit with $ 219 (about 22,000 yen), $ 229 (about 23,000 yen) It is possible to get a set of uArm kit which can exchange both scissors and suction by equity investment. For those who are worried about being assembled, both completed scissors / suction type uArm can also be acquired with a capital of 279 dollars (about 28,000 yen).

As for the uArm project 's contribution deadline,Japan time on March 7, 2014 until 11 pmIt has become.

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