IRobot Create 2, a platform that can create your own robot by programming a room that does not clean up

A robot that automatically sucks in and removes rubbish from the room "Rumba 600 series"Robot not to be cleaned based on"IRobot Create 2"Has been launched. IRobot Create 2 is a robot platform for research, education and hobbies that removes the cleaning function from the Rumba 600 series and allows users to program their own movement, sound, lighting and so on.

IRobot-Create 2

You can check what kind of product iRobot Create 2 can check from the following movie.

IRobot Create 2: An Updated, Hackable Roomba - YouTube

This is iRobot Create 2.

Bundled items of iRobot Create 2 include a battery, a charging adapter, a USB cable for connecting the Aircraft to a PC, a charging dock, etc.

IRobot Create 2 has LEDs and sensors in the same way as the rumba.

Go back to charging dock ......

After hitting an obstacle, it is possible to observe in the demo mode the movement that turns while turning.

The amazing part of iRobot Create 2 is that users can program the sound / behavior pattern, actions, and LEDs of iRobot Create 2 themselves.

It is also possible to connect the PC and iRobot Create 2 with a dedicated cable for coding.

Also, microcontrollerArduinoAnd small board computerRaspberry PiYou can also program with.

How to decompose iRobot Create 2 ......

Data for 3D printer of dust container etcDedicated pageIt is possible to download various types of robots depending on the user's idea.

Dedicated pageThe project of the developed robot has already been released. The following is "Camera Bot" which made it possible to shoot while moving about by attaching a camera to iRobot Create 2.

This is a project to play music "DJ Create". Details of these robot development projects can be downloaded as PDF files, so anyone can make the same thing as long as the development environment is in place.

Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, said: "In 2007 we had"IRobot Create"I bought a robot that is the predecessor of iRobot Create 2, but since the parts used do not meet international standards, it could only be sold in the US. However, the development team spent about a year and a half creating a world standard robot platform called iRobot Create 2, "interviewI am talking with you.

In addition, iRobot Create 2 is on sale for $ 199.99 (about 24,000 yen), but the release schedule in Japan is undecided.

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