That "The Little Prince" has become a CG animated film, and the original prince's intact prince appeared

World cumulative total of 140 million"Imperial masterpiece boasting the sales of" The Little Prince "is the original animation movie"Little Prince The Little Prince and IIn Japan, the nationwide road show in winter 2015 is decided. The latest trailer of such "Little Prince of the Little Prince and I" has been released, and it is contents which you can understand well that it is not just making "the Little Prince" as an animated movie, as you can see from the title of the work I will.

The Little Prince French Trailer (2014) - Animated Fantasy Movie HD - YouTube

The trailer starts with a little girl in the morning.

I brush my teeth with a character that seems to be a mother of a career woman style of Bari Bali.

And head to the desk ......

Study start.

It looks like a little girl, but I'm already studying the vector.

And when it's time ......

Changing to uniforms and going to school, we show off studying & self management level which is impossible to be a normal girl.

What is worrisome while such a girl is studying ......

It looks like a veranda and a telescope of handmade feeling seen from the window.

A paper plane that flew to the girl who is studying even at night.

When I expanded it, there was "the Little Prince" written.

Looking forward as a beat ......

A mysterious grandfather is waving his hand from the veranda I always mind.

However, shutting the window blinds as being an obstacle to studying.

As the scene changed, the girl who is anxious about "the Little Prince".

Looking at the piece of cut ... ...

An airplane drawn at the tip started to move.

As it is flying in the Gungun paper ......

A crash.

And there ...

Prince nestled in the desert.

"I can not believe it" rubbing my eyes, but the figure is no longer a girl.

The beautiful blonde prince is an illustration of "The Little Prince".

And suddenly torn paper starts returning ......

Sensation as if it was pulled back to reality.

The scene changes, girls have a thing that looks like a fox and heads to the balcony of the grandfather.

And two people read "the Little Prince" together.

A girl with a strange appearance after the first impression.

They are two people who seem to be very much fun.

Attach the light to the head in the dark ... ...

A girl reading "The Little Prince". If I notice it, I am crazy about the prince.

There are foxes and the figure of the prince.

The latest trailer is like this, it is a content that you can understand well that the story is developed mainly about the hero's girl. Looking at the specials video created for Japan, you can see that the girl dreams of seeing the prince in 'The Little Prince'.

Movie 'Little Prince Little Prince and Me' Special News - YouTube

Dear Prince

Where are you now and what are you doing?

I want to meet you.

Roses and roses

And parent and child observing the starry sky

The director is Mark Osborne of "Kung Fu Panda", and Character Design is Peter De Seve who was also in charge of character designs such as "Ice Age", "Finding Nemo", "Tarzan" and "Mulan".

"Little Prince of the Little Prince and I" will be released in winter 2015.

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