Cleaning Robo's Rumba carries Wi-Fi and camera, what is the new "Rumba 980" What's amazing?

The latest model of "Rumba" which will clean the room fully automatically is "Rumba 980"is. Not only was it possible to operate from smartphones with Wi - Fi, but also by installing a camera, grasping the layout of the furniture and the shape of the room, creating a map by yourself, how many times you have cleaned the place once Even though it has acquired efficiency that does not clean it seems that it has evolved into a fairly clever cleaning robot that it can automatically increase the suction power by 10 times depending on the material of the floor.

IRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot

You can see how Rumba 980 will clean you like in a single shot when you see the following movie.

IRobot Roomba® 980 - Overview - YouTube

First of all, the characteristics of the Rumba 980 can be easily manipulated from the application. When you press the "CLEAN" button on the application screen ... ...

Rumba 980 started to move.

Dust and garbage on the carpet ......

It will clean up without a trace.

It does not blindly blindly move, but it moves efficiently so that it does not run again once it cleansed.

Small places are also cleanly cleaned.

Moving smoothly from room to room ... ...

I will overcome light step.

Rumba features a sensor and a visual localization system.

By using a combination of the above two, we understand the layout of the furniture and the shape of the room and make a map, so you know where you are and where you should go next.

In addition, we investigated the situation of the actual room from 13 million users and derived how to clean under furniture and wall side.

Avoid large steps such as stairs ... by myself ...

We usually smoke dust in the hidden place.

It is possible to perfectly clean the corners by using the included brush.

Furthermore, when riding on the carpet from the flooring, the suction power is automatically increased 10 times so that garbage can be absorbed also from the back. Perform appropriate cleaning according to the material of the floor.

The attached roller sucks up garbage as follows.

In the app ...

It is also possible to set it to clean up on your own time, such as "9 am Monday morning."

Multiple cleaning times can be set.

Furthermore, although it can move for 2 hours with one charge, it will automatically return to the home base when charging stops, so the alarm that exhausts midway through the room and "Please charge" will echo There is no.

The following movie will paint the place cleaned by Rumba 980. You can see how the layout of the room is completed perfectly with the traces of rumba passing.

IRobot Roomba® 980 - The iRobot® Entire Level Challenge - YouTube

With this feeling, we will go through the passage first ... ...

I reached the living room.

While grasping the position of the furniture, cleaning all over the dining room.

Upon completion of the cleaning up to the end, the layout was completed with the rumba passing through.

Besides this, we can also utilize the Rumba 980 according to the environment of the house.

IRobot Roomba® 980 - Optimized Experience - YouTube

In addition to operations from the application, it is possible to start cleaning even by pressing the button on the main unit.

Charging is at home base connected with outlet.

It is also possible to create a virtual wall, that is, an invisible wall in a place you do not want to enter and prevent invasion of the Rumba 980.

Also, items such as pet feeding, which are likely to break if a rumba collides, or even a disaster can also affix a barrier.

So, it is Rumba 980 that you can see that the movie is smarter, more efficient and easier to use than before, but what about usability in practice? It is open to the public.

IRobot Rumba 980 review - CNET

When CNET reviewed the actual machine, the performance is 6 points, the function is 7 points, the design is 8 points, the ease of use is 9 points, and it is 7.2 points when comprehensive. It seems that Wi-Fi compatibility and loading of cameras are evaluated, but it can not be said that the possession of batteries is improved compared to the Rumba 880 that appeared in 2013, and that third parties work on iRobot's app It seems that it was a negative point that it was impossible to add. As for the suction force,Nate Botvac 85He said that he was more powerful.

Although it is a place where security is anxious because it is equipped with a camera,According to iRobot public relations, It seems that photographed data and maps are erased in 90 minutes after cleaning and they are not uploaded to the cloud etc.

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Cleaning robot "Rumba" is a mind brain, smart handling is possible & camera review - "Rumba 980" review that made it possible to grasp the shape of the room and the position of the furniture - GIGAZINE

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