Where is the next generation high-tech robot vacuum cleaner 'Nate Botvac' just saying 'Rumba is already old?'

The presence that should be said even as an absolute champion of robot vacuum cleaner is iRobot'srumbaseries. Because of its high practicality, we are gathering support from as many people as "Robot Vacuum Cleaner = Rumba". After fully conscious of the absolute champion's rumba, the latest robotic vacuum cleaner implying "Rumba over" using a catch phrase "next generation robot cleaner" "smartest robot" is "Nate Botvac (Bot back)"is. This time, I borrowed a real machine and checked "What is different from Rumba?" "Where is the better one?"

Botvac | Neato Robotics

◆ Appearance check
Nate Botvac's package is blue and orange color.

Nate Botvac appeared from inside as you opened the box.

Contents are Nate Botvac body · Charging stand · High-performance filter for replacement × 2 · Blade brush · Warranty card · Instructions · Magnetic tape.

This is Nate Botvac body. It is the same size as a general robotic vacuum cleaner, but it is a combination of a round line and a straight line.

The blue part is the laser top. Nate Botvac says "Next Generation Robot" because it uses a high-performance laser to scan surrounding situations and create a "room map" so that you can clean through the shortest route without waste.

LCD monitor next to the laser top. The button next to the monitor is touchable and can be operated just by lightly touching it.

Actually this flat person is ahead. On the front side of the top surface there is a spot cleaning button / house cleaning button, and the indentation therebetween is a carrying handle.

Rumba has instability that the handle attached to the main body becomes a moving part and it is likely to crack if it gets heavy, but Nate Botvac holds the indentation of the main body firmly, so the stability is much higher than the rumba.

When removing the top cover, it became a dust box and the filter was already set inside.

This is a filter. Replacement is relatively easy because the cover can be easily removed.

The power switch is inside the cover removed.

The side part of the front is a solid rubber material.

Being a bumper ... ....

Structure capable of absorbing the impact of the wall.

Exhaust port with charging contact in the rear.

The side sensor is a proximity sensor for traveling 1 cm lateral to the wall.

The back side looks like this.

Brush forward.

Sensor for fall prevention at left and right corners.

Side brush for sweeping chili.

It is magnetic type and removable without using tools.


It is made into a roughly blocked shape with hardened rubber.

Press it to dent the wheel. Thanks to the damper type wheel, we can move forward with even uneven floors.

In addition, a small spherical wheel is attached to the back.

Nate Botvac's charging station looks something like this.

The style to automatically charge the ass like hitting is the same as rumba etc. Charging time is 120 to 180 minutes, continuous operation time is 60 to 90 minutes.

The instruction manual is compatible with Japanese.

"Troubleshooting" which is helpful when troubled is also over 10 pages, and it has become quite kind explanation.

I tried to compare the size with the rumba
Nate Botvac's size is 32.1 centimeters wide by 33.5 centimeters deep. A flagship model of Rumba, a pioneer of robotic vacuum cleaner "880Compared to the size, Nate Botvac is slightly smaller.

When stacked, the spherical curve lines are almost the same size, you can see that the depth is slightly shorter thanks to Nate Botvac's unique straight line.

Nate Botvac's thickness is 10 centimeters, and there is almost no difference from Rumba.

On the back side, Nate Botvak has a large main brush in front, side brush is short, four wheel running, rubrum has a main brush slightly smaller than Botvac in the center of the main body, and the side brush is greatly three-wheeled, considerably different in structure .

◆ I tried cleaning up
When using for the first time, first set the language and time. The button of Nate Botvac is a touch sensor, and reacts only by lightly touching with a finger.

Of course, it corresponds fully to Japanese.

It is possible to set reservation registration from this panel and set the cleaning schedule at a fixed time.

Nate Botvac has two types, "cleaning the house" cleaning the whole room and "spot cleaning" mode cleaning the target only for a relatively narrow range of 1.2 meters by 1.8 meters. If you press the button on the top left, you can clean up the spot cleaning mode, if you press the right button you will clean the house in the cleaning mode.

I cleaned up the space that I thought of as the room I made by defeating the desk in the cleaning mode of the house. In addition, part is putting the attached magnetic tape, and it separates the area.

Cleaning house of next generation robotic vacuum cleaner "Nate Botvac" Mode like this - YouTube

Started cleaning Nate Botvac making quite a loud noise. Movement first seems to go around the wall around the wall after first scanning the room (space) with a laser. It is impressive to cleanly clean the body by firmly using the front part of the square line to firmly adhere to the corners of the room. Apparently the round Nate Botvac like a rumba seems to be OK as the side brush is short so you can firmly fit the corners.

In addition, this is a movie that shows the excellence of the laser function of Nate Botvac altogether. Fast forward in the middle, you can understand why Nate Botvac can be called "next generation robot" with a single shot.

Next-generation robot vacuum cleaner "Nate Botvac botvac" cleans the whole room with a single shot - YouTube

Nate Botvac crawling around the walls completely grasps the size of the room. After that, I will return to the starting point and I will clean the whole room in turn one by one in a row from there.

To my surprise, since the walls have already been cleaned, they are changing direction before the wall or magnetic tape.

Cleaning finished without hitting the wall. Nate Botvac with no wasteful movement has finished cleaning the space of about 4 tatami in just 5 minutes. It was a space cleaned in the rumba this morning, but I confirmed that only a few dust and hair are left in the filter. Nate Botvac which makes the "strength of suction power" too ugly sound is noisy, but there seems to be a certain ability to aspirate.

◆ Summary
The robot vacuum cleaner "Nate Botvac" can automatically charge back by charging it back to the charging station when the battery runs out, and in the event of an out-of-charge situation occurring during cleaning, return to the place where it was interrupted again and clean You can resume. It is also possible to schedule the days and hours of cleaning. Nate Botvac which can clean the room in a short time with a certain suction power and a wasteful movement using a laser is said to be a robotic vacuum cleaner which is exactly suitable for calling "next generation robot cleaner".

Nate BotvacBic camera. Com"75" that comes with two high-performance filters comes out at 59,800 yen (10% points reduction excluding tax), "85" with 3 high-performance filters and comes with a combo brush is ¥ 64,800 (tax Excess · 10% points reduction) is on sale.

BV - 85 · Nate Robotics · 【Bic Camera Group Advance Sales】 Robot Vacuum Cleaner "Nate Botvac 85" BV - 85 White & Laguna Blue: Bic Camera. Com

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