I ate bamboo shoots with a bakery that keeps breads of cute penguins for over 100 years as hard to eat

A bakery pushing a penguin all over, such as penguin's bread filled with plenty of cream in his stomach "Ban one of Panyu"is. Originally it was a shop renewed by a bakery "Seiyado" with a history of more than 100 years and went to a shop to check the taste of lovely penguins.

Ban one of Panyu

"Pangyon's Pang One" is located in Sangenjaya 1-36-15 in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. I will arrive at Sangenjaya Station by foot in about 1 minute.

Inside the shop is like this.

In the middle of a row of confectionery buns and prepared dish ......

Penguins who line up in a row.

Penguin colleagues such as black, pink, orange, green, purple, etc. have different contents.

The price is 210 yen each. The name "Pang One" of the shop is about penguin in French, and he seems to have plenty of homemade custard cream inside his belly.

Also in the kitchen window ......

The penguins of jet-black eyes are lined up and spectacular.

There is also an eat-in space at the shop so you can order bread with a drink and eat it.

Penguin goods were put here as well.

So, I will have five kinds of penguins.

It is about this size compared with iPhone 5.

It is also pretty small enough to fit in my hands.

Looking from the side like this.

The eyes that do not live in light were cookie dough.

When you try it, it feels like a cocoa like dregs in the dough and it goes well with a creamy cream that goes inside.

While there is a happening that the eyes are pulled apart ......

I will continue to eat more and more. The stomach part is also a cookie-like fabric, but it is not sweet overall and is easy to eat sweetness. It is a little small so it is perfect when you are hungry.

Then a pink penguin bread.

There was light in the eyes of a pink penguin.

When I break it with Pakari, ...

Chocolate cream inside. The fabric has a faint sweetness like strawberry milk, and of course compatibility with thick chocolate cream is outstanding. A nostalgic atmosphere somewhereApolloIt is one item that I chose if it likes chocolate with a little finish, no doubt.

Green penguin ...

Matcha taste with both dough and cream. Of course it is sweet because it is based on cream buns, but it is relatively adult oriented because it has a bitter taste.

Then an orange penguin.

There is something like a pumpkin cream or lettuce that is relaxed inside, which is very sweetness.

At the end is a purple penguin.

Purple potato sweet potato was contained in it. This is not a smooth cream, rather a sweet texture, sweet gentle. Purple sweet peculiar fragrance is solid and you can enjoy the taste of autumn.

Also, a type of meat ball (190 yen including tax) that would be put on the palm of the hand was sold.

Looking from the side like this.

When I tried to break it, it was dirty.

White chocolate, rice cake, ramen and jam are contained, sweet and sour, similarly"Cat's Paw" made of pawsAlthough it is a different impression, this also seems to express the loveliness of the meat ball.

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