I tried the desert dessert called "Forbidden Eating Honey" that reproduced honey as it is

Dessert reproducing honey "Meiji forbidden eating honey"Has appeared on March 27, 2018. "A forbidding forbiddance like eating honey as it isSo I bought it actually because I was worried about what kind of taste and texture it is getting into, I tried it.

As if, honey "Meiji Restricted Eating Honey" New Release

Meiji forbidden eating honey 180 g | Product Information | Meiji Corporation

I bought Meiji forbidden eating honey (140 yen including tax). The package depicts yellow like honey and a hexagonal pattern reminiscent of a honeycomb.

The cup is bigger than the palm, compared with the iPhone 7 with a long side of 138.3 mm.

In the lid, an image diagram is drawn with a phrase "Touro Rie Happy New Eclipse", and illustrations that are likely to have viscosity are drawn.
The part called "forbiddance" of the product name is designed red, it will be a little frustrating, but there is a charm that you want to take in your hands.

Material contains sweet "honey" reminiscent of taste and "lemon sauce" which seems to be a little more. According to the manufacturer,Honey is from CanadaIt is said that you are using.

The content is 180 g per piece, the energy is 132 kcal.

When you turn the lid off, there is a sweet scent peculiar to honey.

The color is reddish yellow and it looks honey all the way.

If you scoop it with a spoon it firmly resists and is elasticity reminiscent of jelly.

However, when you try to eat it is not elastic at all, melts in the mouth and disappears. At the same time melting, the syrup, the scent peculiar to honey, and the sweet scent combined with lemon peel spread, you can feel faint acidity with sweetness. Because it contains lemon sauce, I expected strong acidity and bitter taste, acidity is moderate, bitter taste is not felt at all. I felt it was close to the taste of sweet lemonade that weakened acidity and bitterness.

I will eat the actual honey to see how close it is to honey.

In addition, honey has only honey "honey", which does not add syrup and saccharides.

When honey is eaten, honey is more sweet and liquid with a sticky viscosity. On the contrary, forbidden eating honey is better in mouth and sour. Before eating and comparing, the forbidden eating honey felt to be similar to honey as much as possible, but it is impressive that it is better than honey with honed sourness and a slightly sour taste due to lemon sauce.

Meiji forbidden eating honey (140 yen including tax) can be purchased at retail stores nationwide.

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